Tuesday, June 1, 2010


WARNING: This documentary is not for people with a weak stomach.

I loved this documentary. It was so eye opening.

This documentary is all about piercing, tattooing, plastic surgery, and any type of body modification. With different points of view from the piercers, tattoo artists, body builders, and plastic surgeon's.

This documentary involved a subject that I like and for the most part believe in.

Now I know everyone has their own opinion about these subjects, but watch this movie and you'll get a different aspect.

I even learned things. And trust me when I say that this movie is not for people with a weak stomach. If you like to watch pain being done to others this is your type of movie. The movies shows actual surgery's, tattoos being done, hooks being inserted into the skin, people hanging from hooks, and even one piercer doing his own piercing. I even had to stop the movie a couple times because I thought I might throw up but that's just the way my body works.

I believe that most people need to watch this for an intense learning experience.

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