Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Marco. Polo.

So not only was there the fun with the bugs and the trip to Hooters this weekend there was one more event that just completed my world.

Around my area it has been storming non stop. And Sunday was no exception.

Right in the middle of watching a movie with my roommate Ashley the power goes out and then there was a big boom.

So to waste time during the black out, since most of the towns power was out, I took some pictures to document the evening.


  1. Those are lovely pics, specially the one of the lovely night sky, they make me want to go to sleep lol:)

  2. You know, I must say that I quite like it when the power goes out during a storm (as long as it's at night and I don't have to do anything). It's kinda fun to sit around with the candles. Cute pics.