Monday, June 7, 2010

Give me an H...

Well since I'm trying to be honest in this blog to allow you to know me better I wont lie, I wasn't popular in high school.

High school gave me something to do everyday during the week. And to give you a small idea of my high school, my graduating class was only the size of 28, I knew all the names of the kids in high school no matter what grade I was in, and you knew what car they drove if the had a license or a permit. You could fit all of my class in one room. The high school is connected to the elementary and the preschool. And yet we have two gyms, one lunch room, and an elevator.

Like everyone, I thought some classes were boring and some classes were fun. I personally loved art, because most the time were messed around. But the class mainly allowed me to be creative when I wasn't able to be creative in most classes. My art teacher, Mrs.Nielson, was so much fun and liked you to explore and create what you wanted, as long as you were creating something during your class time. When ever you had a question she had the answer and she was an amazing artist. She is one of the reason I love to be creative.

I wasn't much for after school activities. Sure I wanted to be more support of my school but its a little hard when your working from 4-8 almost everyday after school. So there wasn't much time for anything else. However, I did want to try out to be a cheerleader. I also thought about joining the basketball team but I wasn't coordinated enough. My hand-eye coordination is pretty non-existent. There was even one prick in my gym class that made fun of me for it.

Again like most girls and maybe guys, I really wanted to be popular. Now don't get me wrong, I loved my friends and I would do anything for them and the popular people weren't super giant dicks like in alot of schools. Even though I wasn't popular I'd consider myself on the border of popularity. But just having something to do every weekend without having to find it, or knowing how to do my hair besides just a pony tail or straight. They just always looked like they were having fun.

To be super honest I didn't really try in school. Yes I got decent grades, mainly A's and B's maybe a C here or there, and a D in my senior year (evil witch). But Id guess I'd have to say I was probably bored with my classes and that's why I only got decent grades. Half the time during my classes I was doodling. I will say that I have slight ADD or ADHD that's never been treated because I don't really believe in that "disease" or maybe I was just never tested for it. I'm just saying I don't think my classes challenged me enough. So I guess I was a little happy when I got to college.

I don't consider myself a nerd but in a way I was in high school. I joined clubs. There I said it and I'm proud. Now my high school didn't have a Glee club during my high school years. But we did have a Get-A-Grip club. If my school was the only one with this, its a club that organized events and fundraisers to keep teens away from drugs and alcohol. I was also part of the student council not that we really did anything in student council. In my high school we had choir as a class, and yes I was in it. I liked to sing and it helped that my friends were in that class.

High school just seemed like it passed by so quickly. And I kind of miss it if that's weird to say. It kept me busy day to day, with classes during the day and homework at night. Pep rallies and football games. Prom and friends.

So now you know a little more about my home town and myself.

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