Sunday, June 6, 2010


I was working at the bar tonight. It was pretty dull as usual.

Some people came in that I knew. Everything was going fine.

Then out of no where one of the guys, Shannon, starts pushing another guy, Jared. They start punching each other and take each other outside.

All the other guys follow as does my boss, trying to break up the fight. As the guys are outside with Shannon, Jared comes back in yelling.

A few minutes later a couple of the guys that were outside came in.

Now all these guys are friends. So Shannon has now hit three of his friends for trying to calm him down.

A little later their all still trying to calm down Shannon. When out of no where Shannon hits Daniel. Then the other guys jump in on it. Fists are flying, their rolling on car hoods in the parking lot, and its all crazy drama.

Then the cop shows up. Shannon still wasn't settling down so he threatened to taze him. That calmed him down a little bit. Just enough to get him in the car.

The cop was still talking to him through the car window and almost arrested Shannon because he doesn't know when to stop.

Then once they leave the other guys are still pissed that Shannon did all this and almost got arrested for public intox.

But everything started to settle down when the cop was getting the story on what happened. That's when I went home.

So the new experience in this is I got to see my first bar fight. Go me, I guess.

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