Friday, July 30, 2010

Catching Up With Myself

Lets see. Its been so long and I feel so far behind on my blog.

As my followers you already know that I didn't like my Critical Reasoning teacher Mr.Dick. Well I have finally dropped his class! I want to thank those of you had wished me luck on my retake of his midterm test. Well he had changed the test so it was harder and I did even worse than the first time. Then the next class when I learned that I did horrible on the retake, Mr.Dick wanted to talk to me after class along with several other students. Most of the students had their turn to talk to Mr.Dick but I waited til the very last second and I didn't talk to him because another class needed to start.
So grabbed my stuff and hurried down the hall. I didn't want to wait around any longer for him to tell me what he was telling the other students and something I already knew. That I hadn't been doing very well in his class and that I should consider my options. Options being code for drop his class. So instead of struggling in the class and more than likely getting an F on my transcript I dropped. I don't really think my parents are to happy about it. And I'm not very happy about the decision myself. I hate quiting things. But I tell my dad I would pay him back for the class because it was only fair.

So instead of going to class on Tuesday and Thursday Ive trying to be productive and catch up on some much needed scrapbooking. Its been hard though trying to find my pictures. Trying to get organized and figure out how to put everything together.

I'm also going to try and start on my quilts. I bought some patterns a couple of years ago and I have been saving up some material for those quilts. But they have just been sitting in closets. Man I'm turning into my mother when it comes to getting stuff done.

Not to mention I need to sign up for classes before their all filled and I don't have many choices. I'm thinking about a creative writing class. I love to write short stories and I think that class would really help me with my writing skills. Then there's a photography class but the college isn't having it this quarter, otherwise I would take it to help me take better pictures. Other than those two fun classes the other classes I'm going to sign up for are just general classes. And I haven't figured out what I'm going to do with my life but I'm leaning toward college professor.

This weekend seems to be filling up for me. Tonight I'm working at the bar. No tacos tonight though. Kind of sad about that. Then tomorrow night my roommates mom, Mama Jean, is having a late house warming party. Yay. Food and beer you cant go wrong. Then Sunday its over to my parents house for our monthly family dinner. I'm so excited since I missed the last one. I love having a home cooked meal made by my mom. Yum!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family Reunion!

As you can tell from the title this past weekend I was at a family reunion.

I knew most the relatives but there were a few I didn't know. My aunt Jill, uncle Jim, and cousins Daniel, Jake, and Carsen (I'm not sure if that's how you spell his name).

Anyway the first day was a short one. We drove all across Nebraska, which took all day. When we arrived and checked into our motel we drove out to Jill's. There we had lots and lots of food.

The next day was such a busy/ relaxing day. It was spent partly on the lake and partly at my cousin, Renee's, camp site.

*Top left: My sister, Ashley, hanging out on the boat. Top right: My dad, Mike, resting his eyes. Bottom left: Uncle Merv driving the slow boat. Bottom right: Lisa relaxing at the camp site.

My uncle, Merv, had rented a boat for the day. We rode around on that for most of the time. Then my cousin Daniel showed up with his family's speed boat and away we went. He brought along his tub thing. And I hung on for dear life with Renee next to me.

*Nay Nay playing yard games at Jill's. Jill, Diane, and mom, Linda. My sister, Mikey, and her boyfriend, Shane.

After the boating, the lake, and the sun we were back at our motel for a quick shower. Then it was back out to Jill's house for another cook out.

The last day of the trip was spent looking at my family's history. We looked at my great great grandparents house and also my great grandparents house. The it was onto the cemetery to see some family grave sites.

*Inside my great great grandparents house. A water pump outside my great great grandparents house.

*A group picture with all the family. The outside of my great great grandprents house. And a tractor sitting near the house with a tree growing out of it.

I was so exhausted and sore that I was a little happy to be on my way home. But it was nice to get away from my small town and to visit some relatives.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Im back. Kind of.

Wow it has been a long weekend. And I havnt been able to blog or barely check my e-mail. But within the next couples days I will update my blog and let everyone know what has been going on in my life.
Hope everyones doing good.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just another Tuesday.

Of course today is Tuesday. Its just common knowledge.
So far not much to report in the exciting department. But then again there never usually is.
I went to class, with my most favorite teacher in the world (sarcasm), and retook the midterm. At least he was nice enough to let us do that if we wanted to. And I really wanted to since I didn't do every well at all on the first midterm. And even though he did lecture about papers and homework and whatever someone asked a question about I stayed patient.
I only hope that I did good on the test I really need to bring my grade up.
Then I met up with my mom. It was kind of nice getting a random phone call even if she did only want something out of her car. But she bought me lunch so it made up for it. We went to Pizza Hut. Yum. Gotta love pizza.
Then it was on to my parents house where I currently sit using their internet since I am without at my home.
After words Ill be raiding the fridge and cabinets for food and then its home to try and finish the second book of twilight. (No worries Ill leave a review when done with it)
Then it'll be on to work to hang out with my old guys. I love them. Even though their always hitting on me its nice to sit and listen to them talk about anything and everything. Not to mention I'm getting paid today since I took this weekend off. (News of that later)
But I hope everyone has had a spectacular day them selves.

How to train your dragon.

Last night before I went to bed I decided to watch How to train your dragon.

About a boy who doesn't fit in and then becomes friends with a dragon.

Ill stop there I don't want to ruin it for you. But even though this is probably more of a kids movie, and I hadn't heard anything about this movie I thought it was super cute.

I love the dragon the best. He reminded me of a dog.

Anyway, I thought this was a good movie even if it might of been made more for kids.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A boy and his train.

*Since nothing exciting is going on or has gone on yet, I've decided that I wanted to do something to brighten every ones day up as they head into the beginning of the week. I hope everyone had a happy and safe weekend.*

There was a boy who was playing with his train set. One afternoon his mother happened to be listening from the kitchen as her son played. She was shocked to hear him say:
"Alright all you sons of bitches who want on the train, get on the train. And all you sons of bitches that want off the train, get off. And all you sons of bitches that want to change seats, change seats now because the trains leaving the station. Whoo Whooooo."
So the mother came into the room and scolded her son and said to him
"Go to your room. Your not allowed to play with your train set for two hours."
So the boy went to his room and stayed there for two hours. After the two hours were up the boy asked his mom if he could play with his train set again. She said yes and asked him if he understood why he was punished. He nodded yes, and went off to play again. The mother stood in the kitchen and listened again to listen to what her son would say. And the boy said:
"Whoo. Whooooo! All you ladies and gentlemen that want on the train, get on. All you ladies and gentlemen that want off, get off. And all you sons of bitches that are pissed because the train is two hours late, go talk to the bitch in the kitchen."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Big Sis

Because I love my biggest sister, Ashley (the one on the right), and I want to support her in whatever she does. I wanted to share her blog with you.
She just started it and I wanted you guys to have to opportunity to check it out.
The link to her blog is:
Love you Ashy!

He should win teacher of the year.

The title of this blog is farther from the truth.
Went into class and turned in my paper that was due. Nothing seemed unusual or different about today.
As I waited for Mr. Dick (not actually his name but I think it fits him, real name: Mr. Dickey) to start the class I did my daily puzzles out of the newspaper.
Then the rest of the class slowly started to walk in alot of them late. And most not having their assignment completely done.
When he felt there were enough students in the room he started the lecture.
This was no ordinary lecture this was him telling us his disappointment of our grades and how he feels were not doing.
When he was half way through the lecture I wanted to stand up and scream your not my parent, your not paying for the class, so please don't lecture me on whether you think I working hard enough in your class or not.
But I didn't. I kept my mouth shut and only spoke when asked a question, which was only once.
He said that non of us were getting the material and he pretty much told us we should just drop out of his class. Well I have been contemplating doing that but I don't like to quite things and my parents would still have to pay for the class if I dropped.
The nice thing he did say was that he would let us take the test again but he also said that even if we got an A- on the first test he would be mad if we didn't take the test again. But he also said the test would be harder. Seriously?
Sadly I did not get an A- or even a C. I got a 52 on my test and am sitting at a D in the class. Not good.
This has probably gotten me to think that I should maybe work a little harder to get a better grade. And it wasn't his lecture that convinced me.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shhhh Its A Secret

Last night I wanted to post something interesting and something to let my readers know a little more about me. So I decided I would make a short list about something that most people don't know about me.
1) I have 3 birth marks.
*One on my left shoulder, one above my right knee, and one on my inner thigh.
2)I like to scrapbook.
3)I write short stories that have no endings.
*They don't have endings because I start to write them then I stop to do something else and when I come back to the story I cant get back into it.
4)I know how to sew.
*Even though I cant sew very well I'm slowly learning. I've made one quilt and I have patterns for two more.
5)I have slight OCD.
*Then again personally I think everyone has a little OCD in them.
There's a short list for now. I'll probably keep doing these small list from time to time.
If there's anything any one wants to know you can always ask.

Pop Quiz.

No its not a pop quiz but it is kind of a fun test my big sister, Ashley, showed me.
Its a color test. You pick the colors that appeal most to you and then the test results are suppose to tell you what your most likely suited for.
Now like with all computer tests the results aren't accurate but it got me pegged pretty good.
I took the test and my results were: I'm a Social Manager such as Radio/ TV Producer, Loan Officer, Teacher, High School Counselor, Social Worker, Minister, or Department Store Manager.
I just thought this was fun and wanted to share with everyone. Have Fun!

Im on top of the world! Kind of.

I want to welcome the newest reader all the way in New Zealand. (I had to look up Zealand to make sure I spelled it right. Weird?)

Anyway this follower has apparently found something interesting about the blog of my boring life.

No matter. Its awesome to have another follower.

And I just want to welcome you to the craziness.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Doing the Happy Dance!

I want to welcome the newest reader to my blog.

I love all my readers and I'm sure Ill love you to. Sorry if that sounded weird.

But anyways this new reader brings me up to 10 readers. YAY me!!

I know that's not very many followers compared to other people but its an achievement for me. Especially since I'm new at all this.

But I just wanted to welcome the newest follower!

Venture off course

Sadly my weekend did not go as planned in pretty much any way.
I can not do a movie review on the movie Grown Ups because I was unable to see it. Daniel had gotten sick so no date night.
Saturday rolled around and went to Des Monies. The wedding reception was ok and kind of boring. There was free beer but we only drank one. Then we went back to Ashley's dads house. Boo! I think I can say the only good thing about that night was when we got home I got to watch the first episode of True Blood of the new season because her dad has cable and records the show. But PLEASE don't tell me what happens in the rest of the episodes of True Blood because I don't want it to be spoiled for me.
Sunday came and we were pretty lazy. Ashley and I went shopping. But the mall we went to really sucked. There weren't any really good store and I only bought one thing. I should be happy I know because I didn't spend that much money but I like to shop and buy new things. Then we went back to Ashley's dads house and she took a nap. And we didn't start heading home until like 10. O what a late night that was.
Well I know nothing every really goes according to plan but I just wanted to have a little fun this weekend. O well there's always next weekend.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The upcoming weekend

Ok I wont be able to get on the internet until Tuesday. So I am going to blog about my upcoming plans for this weekend ahead of time. Then on Tuesday Ill probably tell you all what happened.
So tonight I have a date with the guy I've been seeing, Daniel. Were going to go see the movie Grown Ups and maybe get something to eat.
Then on Friday its Taco Night at the bar and I'm super excited to be working a busy night. Bigger Tips!
Saturday is going to be the complicated day. My roommate, Ashley, is going to pick me up when she gets off work which will be around 7:30am. Which means I'm going to have to pack the night before. Then we will be heading to Des Moines to her cousins wedding reception. Where we will be drinking our faces off.
Sunday if we get up early enough we might be going to Adventureland but I'm not so sure now since she couldn't get any of her other family to come with. So we might do that or we might come home and I will go to my family's monthly dinner get together/ sisters b-day party. But I guess I wont know what we'll do until that day arrives.
Side notes dealing with this weekend.
I am super upset I'm going to be missing my home towns 50Th Rodeo. Its Friday and Saturday. Missing the cowboys and tight pants. Just thinking about it is making me drool.
Also Friday is my sister, Mikey's, birthday. And she has to work on her b-day how depressing. And I might miss celebrating with her. But I did get her a wicked awesome present that I know she'll love!
I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!
Lots of love

The Crazies

Yesterday my roommate Ashley and I received the movie The Crazies from our netflix (gotta love netflix).

So last night I decided to watch it, that way we could mail it back and get a new movie faster.

What happened in the movie was not what I expected to happen.

Sure some parts were good. But some parts just didn't live up to my standard.

Granted I don't really like scary movies and I make fun of them ALOT!!

Don't get me wrong I was super happy to hear that the movie was filmed in Iowa (my home state) which is super big. But what I saw in the previews for the movie made me think it was going to be better than it was.

O well.

You can watch it and decide for your self what you think of it. I'm kind of stuck in the middle of how I feel about this one.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just what I wanted to do when I woke up.

So I got up this morning, nothing new there. Then I let Lil Man out and I went to the bathroom.
I come back to let him in and I look out side and he's gone.
I go outside. I yell his name. Nothing. He's no where in site.
I grab my car keys and go look for him. Nothing.
I go home I yell his name some more. Still nothing.
I grab my phone and call my roommates mom, maybe he went to her house. He's done it before.
Nope nothing there either. She tells me to look under the camper in the back yard because he's hidden under there before.
I pull into the drive way and there he is. Standing in the alley acting like he's done nothing wrong.
What a life I lead.


So my roommate has been bugging me to read the Twilight series. And she said I couldn't start another book until I read the series.

So I started the books because maybe I was curious to see what the frenzy is all about with these books.

I'm not really even into the movies even though they are kinda good especially for the half naked guys.

But anyway. I found the first book a fast read or maybe I'm just trying to get through the book.

It wasn't to bad but nothing to scream about. So then I watched the movie to compare the differences.

This is where Ive come to hate my roommate for it.

Every time there was a difference between the book and the movie I couldn't help but to say out loud "nope that's wrong". I literally was sitting in my living room and saying that to myself every time the movie changed from the book.

And I do hate when people who have read a book and go see the movie that they'll turn to me or whoever and say "that wasn't in the book". It annoys me.

O no I've become a hypocrite!

The Time Travelers Wife

So the other day I watched a movie with my parents called The Time Traveler's Wife.

Its about a time traveler and a girl that falls in love with him when shes a little girl.

That pretty much the plot of the movie. This was the first time I'd seen this movie and it'll probably be the last. Now I'm not saying it was a bad movie it just wasn't a movie for me.

The plot was good and the ending could of been a little better, but it just didn't appeal to me.

So if you want a chick flick for the night Id suggest this movie.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dancing Behind the Bar

New Experience #6
For those of you keeping track this is my sixth new experience lately.
On Friday as some of you may know we held a street dance in the town where I live. And of course my boss needed the help considering how busy it was.
At first it was slow but as the night went on and the band began to play people were practically on top of each other in the bar.
People were always thirsty and were always asking for drinks.
I was so super grateful I had Sue there to help me, without her I would of probably died or at the very least broke down and started crying from all the people wanting something.
The night just actually flew by. And I was actually happy when the night got over. Is that crazy?
Anyway I made pretty good tips. More than usual which was super great.
P.S. I want to thank my newest reader for starting to follow my blog.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kiss of Death

I just finished what I hopes isn't the last book in the series called The Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine. The last book is called Kiss of Death. Its the eighth book in the series and it blew me away.

Now I recommend you read the entire series to know everything that happens. Her writing style just lures you in to keep reading and find out what happens to Claire and her friends.

It does deal mainly with vampires but there are alot of twists and turns that you don't really notice or at least I didn't.

So I'm recommending this series to you. They are shorter fast reads which I found kind of nice.

I just wanted to point out a good book for those that like to read.

The upcoming Weekend.

I know its the fourth of July weekend and all but mine has seemed to pile up with things to do.
Now is that a bad thing we will see.

Tomorrow night I have to work at the bar. Now were not having tacos but there is going to be a street dance down the street my bar is on. Yes I'll probably make good tips but I'm going to be running around. But my boss is super nice about it all because he knows I'm a little nervous about it. He says we can only do what we can. But I hope everything goes well and I don't get to worn down.

Saturday is a little busier. My Aunt and Uncle are having a fourth of July get together at their house in the afternoon. I want to go because I do like being around my family. Then my friends are trying to get a group together to see the new Twilight movie. Now I know its already come out so please don't say anything because I haven't gotten that far in the book series and I just don't want to know. After the movie I want to go to the party that Daniel invited me to at his brothers house. I just want to be around him and maybe get to a more serious relationship with him than where were at but I don't want to push because I know what his ex did to him. But then again we've both been hurt in the past.

So on to Sunday. My brother and sister-in-law invited me via Facebook to a party at their house. I love spending time with my brother and I'm trying to get to know and become closer to my sister-in-law because it was hard at first. I wasn't sure I liked her. She hurt my brother a couple times before they finally worked things out and got married. I also felt she was kind of taking him away form me because my brother and I are pretty close and I didn't want that to change. But I've gotten past my insecurities with her and am hoping to make it to their party.
So all in all I hope I'm not to wore out my the end of the weekend.

I also want to wish everyone a Happy Early Independence Day!

With love

Throughout the Week.

This week has gone by slow and boring. On Monday I was a pretty lazy person right up until I had to go to work and even that was pretty uneventful.
Tuesday I had class with Mr. Dick. Boring and long. But at least he let us out early.
Yesterday was more unpacking. I started to read the Twilight books only because in a way my roommate is forcing me. I guess its a good thing I'm reading these books they add culture to my life right? So I got half that book read and I'm hoping to finish the other half tonight.
Today another class with Mr. Dick and we watched the movie A Time To Burn. It would of been alright except we have to analyze the movie and write a one page paper about the critical thinking of it. How generous of him.
I think what has been the highlight of my week has been talking to Daniel. We've talked a little everyday. Sometimes he texts me first and he invited me to a party at his brothers house. Now its nothing to get super excited about since I know his brothers and their girlfriends/wives. I think I know way to much about his family. I only know so much because we've been friends for a really long time. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Last Weekend

So last Friday I had to work as some of you may remember.

It was taco night and I was super busy. The tacos of course were amazing in all there fat fried glory.

But the night slowed and I was able to relax for a short amount of time.

Saturday night was the day we started moving to the new house. We got most of the big stuff in the morning then got most of the smaller stuff in the evening with the help of my roommate, Ashley, My sister, Mikey, Mikey's boyfriend, Shane, and some extra help from Robbie and BP.

As the night went on I was talking to my friend, Daniel. During this conversation we agreed to start somewhat seeing each other. Now what that all entitles me to I'm not exactly sure yet. But I'm glad were moving in the right direction.

Sunday was another moving and unpacking day. Only without the extra help. It was only Ashley and me. But by the time we were done moving that night we only had two rooms left in the house. Go Us!

Im back for today.

Hello Fellow Bloggers
Since moving to the new house we haven't hooked up the Internet so I am currently only able to blog when I'm at school or at my parents house.
So right now I am currently sitting at my school cafeteria.
I want to say sorry I have not been able to post anything for your enjoyment. But I will try and sum up whats been going on in my life since my last post.
Lots of Love