Thursday, June 3, 2010

Aha its me.

So I guess I better entertain my readers by letting you know a little about me.

My full name is Lindsey Marie Morrison. I just recently turned 20 almost about a month ago. I no longer living with my parents but instead with a roommate. Were renting a small house, which I will talk about at a later date.

I was born in the city but I've been raised in a small town my entire life. There isn't a movie theatre or bowling alley in my home town, so growing up was a little dull but we made our own fun.

The closest town is nine miles away. The closest Walmart is 30 miles away. And the closest mall is about an hour away give or take. And we only recently got a Dollar Store in my small home town a year or two ago. So I guess were moving up in the world very, very slowly.

Since I'm from such a small town I guess you could say family means alot to me. I have a brother, Chris, and sister-in-law, Lisa, that live about an hour away. Next in line is my oldest sister, Ashley, not to me mistaken for my roommate, Ashley. Who also happens to live an hour away. Then my last sister, Mikey, who I'm the closest to out of my siblings. She still lives at home. Which out of all of this I am the baby of the family.

I currently hold the position of bartender at one of the local bars.

When I'm not bar tending I can usually be found at home. However I love to shop, get tattoos, hang out with friends, watch movies, read, and scrapbook. I guess I'm a weird combination.

I have three dogs; Jake, Sam, and Jane. All of them live with my parents. And I take in strays at my parents house to. Well I've kind of stopped that since I no longer live there. I would love to own a bunny but my roommate is deathly allergic and I don't want her to die. So that's a no. I've also considered a sugar glider but after reading up on them I don't think so. Next on the list I'm thinking about a teacup pig.

I cant really tell you what I want to be when I grow up because I have NO idea what so ever.

I do love to bake when people don't bug me about it. A also like to draw, write short stories, and I guess blog.

So there's a little about me for the time being to hold you over until next time.

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