Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Hero to Me!

I wanna take the time right now to express how much of a hero my father is to me.

My dad works several jobs, more or less to take care of the family and provide things we need and want. He currently holds a job as an architect, a part time college professor, and a clock repair man.

Not to mention he volunteers as an EMT and fire fighter. He is also on the church council and repairs things around the house, such as he just put in the new wood floor to the kitchen and family room.

He works non stop and I love him so much.

He's willing to do anything for me and the rest of my family. No matter how big or small. Even when he doesn't have to work he's still trying to find something to do.

So tonight I am dedicating this blog to my father who without him I probably wouldn't be here today!

I love you daddy.

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