Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just keep swimming.

This little guy is my new pet. Since my roommate, Ashley, so all the other pets in the house I've been wanting one.
The other night we made a trip to Walmart.
We stopped by the pet section because Ashley wanted a new fish because earlier that day her kissy fish, Bonny, died.
I picked out this cute little guy from the other fish and took him as my own.
Ashley however did not get another kissy fish, she did get an oscar though.
I haven't named him yet, but I've been thinking long and hard about it. I'm considering the name PB&J. But other suggestions would be appreciated!


  1. Very pretty. My daughter had one for awhile, but alas, it died. Due to the heartache that created, we are going to wait awhile before we get another. She named hers George.

  2. I Love fishes!! I used to have a fish tank back home in el paso but when I moved to San Antonio I could not bring it with me :( I missed them dearly! SO now I am trying to get a new tank going! I love your fishy very cute! :)