Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Show me your boobies!

Ok so I'm not serious about the title but I thought it was fitting for my fifth new experience.

For the first time in my life on Sunday afternoon I went and ate at Hooters.

I know its not that big of deal but this is new to me and it constitutes a new experience.

I went there with my friends, Jenny and Happy (who started dating again, but that's a story for a different time), and the guy I'm now kind of seeing, Kyle (once again the story behind us is for a different time).

We've done this in the past. The next morning after a night of partying we would go out to eat at some restaurant. Picking out a restaurant is super hard with these people because Jenny and Kyle are super picky eaters.

The guys liked the idea of going to this place because they could stare at girls and it was some place new to Jenny and I.

It was ok and the food was decent to say the least but the one reason I will probably not be going back there any time soon would have to be the prices. For just two of us, our meal cost $33.

What I do wish I had the entire time I was there was any one of those girl's bodies as my own. They were all super skinny. So not fair but I guess that partially my fault since I don't get my lazy butt up to exercise. I guess that'll have to go on my things to do list.


  1. I have wanted to trying going there, but I feel like I could probably not even enjoy my food looking at all those prefect girls :( lol ahahha!

  2. Did it once ,and couldn't stop staring at the boobies.
    The waitress sits at the table with you .
    It was nice ,and annoying.

  3. I've been there a couple of times (once in town and once out of town) and you're right, too expensive for what it is. But, a fun experience anyways.

  4. I will have to admit it was fun especially with all my friends.