Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My First Tattoo.

I'm not new to the world of tattoos. No Ive been around them since I was probably about 15.

Now I didn't get my first one til I was 18. This was a matter of I wanted to make sure of what I wanted and I wanted a professional to do it for me.

My first tattoo came a few days after my 18Th birthday. I had thought about what I wanted for a couple years and had even drawn up a few designs.

The day came and my sister, Mikey, and one of her friends came with me. Mikey's rule with all her friends is that she'll hold your hand for the first one and maybe the second but your on your own after that. Now I'm a very independent person and Mikey didn't hold my hand for my first one. I was to interested in gripping the bar that I was holding on to.

When that needle hit my skin I thought I was going to pass out or throw up or something from the adrenaline rush. But I stayed awake and didn't puke the entire time. And as the tattoo went on the pain became easier to handle. However, my first mistake was that I got it on my upper back right over my spine.

What can I say no one really gave me advice in that area.

All the tattoos I have mean something to me in some way or another. And I know that alot of people Mikey included get alot of their tattoos just because.

This first one is a cross with wings. I wanted the cross because I am a religious person and to me it was the right choice for my first tattoo.

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