Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Thursday come and gone.

This morning I had class with my "awesome" teacher. And some of the first words that came out of his mouth were "I'm surprised any of you haven't dropped yet." Its only the fourth day of class. I would drop but I'm not a quitter and I don't really want to give him the satisfaction. Even though I'm so far really not very good at this stuff because he makes it harder than it is, I'm willing to try my hardest.
Other than class I mainly came home and took a nap. Getting up in the morning just doesn't agree with me. Maybe I shouldn't stay up so late.
But I am willing to get up early tomorrow morning. I have an appointment to get my car into the shop to find out whats really wrong with it. I just hope it doesn't cost to much, because I just bought the car.
Other than that I hope everyone had an amazingly super day, and something good happened.
With love from me.


  1. Remember, quitting HIM is different than being a quitter! If he is an ineffective teacher, why put up with it???

    Hope nothing major is wrong with your car!

  2. I wish I would had an amazing super day!! but unfortunately nothing good happened :( I hope you had a better day!