Monday, September 27, 2010

A not so festive applefest.

As I had posted a few days ago that I was going to my hometowns apple fest. And I did go. But it was no where near any fun.

Yes for awhile there I had a little fun. I took my little puppy with me for a short while too.

In the morning I had breakfast with my parents. Pancakes, slice of ham, applesauce (yum). All hosted by our Kiwanis Club. Then I walked around the craft fair with my mom (fun). But mom got tired and I took her home with my puppy.

I went back out in search for something good. No such luck. It started to down pour (boo). So after I could take it no longer I went and picked up my Pumba and headed home.

O well maybe next year will be more fun.

The english language confuses me

I know it sounds weird but sometimes the English language does confuse me. The other night at the bar some one there asked me the difference between breath and breathe. They were sending a text and didn't know which one to use.
They thought I would know but as soon as they asked me I had no idea. Usually I know this stuff, I'm pretty decent when it comes to grammar and stuff but I just didn't know and I made a mental note to look it up after work. Otherwise it was going to bother me like crazy.
So I finally figured it out.
Breath - the air inhaled or exhaled in respiration. Example: Take a deep breath.
Breathe - to take air into the lungs. Example: Give me a chance to breathe.
I feel better and I learned something!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Busy, Busy Weekend

This weekend seems to be piling stuff on me.

Tonight I work. YAY money!

Tomorrow morning/afternoon is Applefest! A festival celebrating fall and well apples for my home town. There's a bigger story behind it but at the moment I don't know what it is. Ill try and figure out the details this weekend and get back to you guys on that. There's food (lots of fried food, caramel apples, candied caramel apples, desserts, blooming onions, funnel cakes, ect.), a car show (this has gotten pretty big), a craft fair (yes new candles for me), a flea market, and so much more. Personally I think they should bring a small carnival in for it but all of this is still pretty good. Anyway I'm going to try and get some good pictures.

Then Saturday night I have three different friends celebrating their birthdays. What to do?

One is my roommate, Ashley, and she and my sister, Mikey, said their going to get their lips pierced and then go to a movie (that's what I'm told from Ashley).

Another one is having a party type birthday at his job because he has to work that night. This works out for him because hes a bartender. Their having a DJ and some cheap bottles. Even though I know its wrong, I can get served there because he loves me (only as a friend though).

The third is having a bonfire birthday some where with some friends. But I think they might be going bar hopping first since it is his 21st.

So there's Saturday for you.

Sunday I might be working but not all night I think mainly the afternoon to early evening. But I wont know until tonight. Then Daniel asked me to hang out with him also. To watch some football and drink some beer. But if I work I might not depending on the hours.

So until Monday. Have a good weekend!

The new man in my life.

You probably thought I was talking about an actual person (I wish). No I'm talking about the next best thing. A new puppy.
He is a Dorky and has been named Pumba. I got him for free from a friend.

When I got him however, he was covered in fleas (so gross). You would barely touched his head and 20 just scattered (yuck).

So after a few baths, most of them were gone and today I bought some flea stuff for him.

He is so tiny and so cute.

The first night I had him he didn't do so well with being stuck in the bathroom and since it was his first night alone. (lots of whining) But last night he did way better. It probably helped that I played with him for a while before bed so that he would sleep.

Were working on become house broke. So far going well (knock on wood). I hope he's a fast leaner.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Russell Brand

My roommate introduced me to Russell Brand. Now if you don't know who he is Ill help you out a little.

He played in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

He recently played in Get Him to the Greek (if you've seen this movie don't ruin it for me because I haven't seen it yet).

And he's engaged to Katy Perry.

If you still don't know who he is I suggest you google him. He is also a comedian and I think he's pretty good actually. So I figured I'd suggest a new comedian if your looking for a pick me up.

Your Welcome!

Book Review: Second Helpings

Recently I finished the book Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty. This book is the sequel to the book Sloppy Firsts. I really liked these books. I liked the characters and the problems. Even though I could predict some of the things that were going to happen, I still really liked it. I also found myself yelling at the character for making the wrong decisions but she corrects them in the end. (Hope I didn't give to much away). Anyway I am recommending these books for you to read. Their shorts reads and kept me entertained.

Monday, September 20, 2010

27 years and 4 kids later

On Friday it was my parents 27th wedding anniversary!

They've been through alot. But have stayed together through the chaos.

Congrats mom and dad.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Late news is still good news.

Good News!!!!

My sister Ashy is finally engaged! It happened sometime this weekend and I am so excited!

I cant wait for planning to begin.

I don't know what her ring looks like so I had to improvise.

Congrats Ashy and Andrew!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Class is back in session

I feel productive again (YAY me!). My classes have started for the fall quarter!

They started yesterday and I couldn't of been more excited.

I got to the school ready for my first class, Intro to Philosophy. I walk through the doors and see a couple of cops standing around down the hall. Its really not that unusual to see cops just hanging around the campus. There is campus security but if you knew the neighborhood where my college is located then you would understand. (Gangs, drugs, violence, ect.)

Except come to realize that the room that was on my class sheet didn't have the right room on it. I guess they had changed it online but neglected to inform me about it. So I embarrassed myself and was late to my first class.

But after settling in my seat and no longer feeling bad about being late considering a couple other people were late, I realized that I think I'm going to like this class. It helped my judgment that she let us out an hour early.

So I played around on the internet waiting for my next class to start, Creative Writing.

There arn't many people in my second class but I guess that's ok with me (less of a distraction). The teacher is nice and he makes some high goals for his students but I think I can do it. Not to mention he let us out early too (YAY!).

I'm actually a little excited about this quarter and being able to have something to do during the day.

Mac and Cheese Tragedy

The other day after work I was HUNGRY because I hadn't eaten dinner before work.

I wanted Mac and Cheese. Yum. Except after the noodles were already cooked and waiting for the flavor I opened the fridge to remember were out of milk. (Sad face)

I wanted my mac and cheese and I already had the noodles cooked so I didn't want to waste them. I added the butter and the cheese powder that came with the noodles and added small amounts of water. (I don't want to ever have to do that again, its just not right).

No it wasn't all that bad but still.

Just thought Id share that with you.

Sloppy Firsts

Synopsis: When her best friend, Hope, moves away from Pineville, New Jersey, 16-year-old Jessica Darling is devastated. Jessica is a fish out of water at school, a stranger at home, and now—with the only person with whom she could really communicate gone—more lost than ever. How is she supposed to deal with the boy-and-shopping-crazy girls at school, her dad’s obsession with her track meets, and her nonexistent love life? Sloppy Firsts is an insightful, true-to-life look at Jessica’s predicament, from the dark days following Hope’s departure to her hopelessly mixed-up feelings about the intelligent and mysterious bad-boy who works his way into her life. Sloppy Firsts is right in line with some of the great teen crossover works of popular culture, like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and is sure to appeal to readers of all ages who appreciate the inherent humor of high school angst.

My View: I liked this book. I couldn't put it down. And the ending kept you wanting more. Good thing there's a number 2 book I'm reading now called Second Helpings.

My Weekend

Beyond busy weekend for me...

Friday: I worked as usual. It was the last taco night with the old boss. (Kind of sad, hope new boss still does taco night) After work went and hung out with some friends and had a beer or two (don't judge).

Saturday: Got up and went to the Husker game! Went with Ashley, Mikey, and Shane. Ashley isn't really fan of really any team. But she needed to experience a Husker game, and not just on TV. She bought some Husker gear. And she was getting into the game (it just kind of rubs off on you when you see a game live in person). After the game I was really tired and there was nothing to do since it was so late so once we got home I crashed.

Sunday: As you know it was the first Sunday of the month so that meant family day. Sadly not all the family was there. Ashy was at a wedding, I think. Chris was helping out a friend but showed up later to fix moms brakes. However my roommate, Ashley, came because we were suppose to discuss our family trip in May (that didn't go so well). Before we ate, since dinner wasn't ready, Ashley and I went to look at puppies for me. I picked one out because they are so cute and free. The bad part is that I wont get him for two more weeks (I guess that gives me time to pick a name). I'm not really sure what kind of dog he is. A doxen and something mix. (Ill have to find out and let you know)

New In Town

(Now I'm not sure if you like me to do the synopsis or not so let me know if you do or not but for now I'm not sure I'm going to)
I kind of liked this movie. It was funny and you weren't really sure what was going to happen.
And maybe I liked it because I'm from a small town who knows.
I bet you will like it too even if your not from a small town.

First off.....

I know I haven't blogged in awhile and for that I am sorry.
This weekend was just me constantly doing something.
So I have a lot to catch up on. I guess that's my punishment for not blogging sooner.
Anyway I would like to welcome the 12th follower to my blog. Yay for me!
Why people fond my blog even a little interesting I still haven't figured out.
Anyway I also want to welcome my big sister Ashy to my blog. Even though shes not a follower, as far as I know. She does read my blog every once in awhile.
Now number 12 and Ashy, as well as the rest of my followers, have a guest pass into my brain (good thing or bad thing).
So welcome and enjoy your time in the inner workings of my mind. (Wow I'm weird)

Friday, September 3, 2010

2 out of 5

Its only been 6 days since I got my stitches and yesterday didn't go so well for my knee.
Yesterday I was pretty much yelled at by my roommate and her mom that I needed to go to the doctor because how my knee looked and what it was doing, apparently wasn't normal.
I made an appointment with the other doctor that works at the clinic because my doctor wasn't there. (Not good, I really don't like that doctor) But since I needed to get my knee looked at I made the appointment.
I went in early hoping to get in early and get it over with. No such luck.
When I did get in, we did all the fun stuff before you go in the room. Like weigh me. Same as always. (That's good, I think)
Got back to the room and went through all the questions with the nurse. And then waited, and waited, and waited for the doctor to come in after the nurse left.
I almost fell asleep.
Then he finally came in (right now I'm making a sour face because I really don't like him). He looked at my knee and pressed pretty hard to get the pus to come out. (You only needed to press a little and the pus would come out, not pound on my knee like your trying to get its heart started) (ok maybe I exaggerated on that last part, but that's what it felt like)
So after only briefly looking at it he decides right there that some of the stitches needed to come out right there.
He went over to the counter opened a drawer and pulled out a packet that contained medical scissors and some tweezer like things.
He opened the pack and without very much warning cut two stitched out of my knee. (The first one came out pretty well the second, not so much)
The next thing I know is hes taking the tweezer looking things and digging around in my wound to get some of the infection out. (OWWWW)
I guess the reason that I got the infection in the first place is because the antibiotics I was given weren't very good ones.
So now I'm on antibiotics again but not just one, nope I'm lucky and get to take two different antibiotics for the next seven days. (Yay me! Not)
I hope everyone elses week is going better than mine. Happy Friday!