Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grab a box and packing tape

So the official move has started.
Yesterday we got the washer and dryer moved over to the new house.
And got most all my clothes packed.
Now I have to finish packing the rest of the house, load everything up in any vehicle possible, and get it up the alley to the new house.
Kind of super happy were only moving up the alley and that I'm going to have a room with a door!
We want to have everything at the new house by Saturday and then clean this house Sunday.
Wish us luck.

One shot. Two shot. Three shot. Floor.

Wow what a night last night. From the title you can probably tell that I went drinking. Now please don't judge or try to tell me drinkings wrong. I'm not an alcoholic. So please don't try and give me any speeches because your not my parent.

Anyway. My friend, Daniel, invited me to a beer pong party. We haven't hung out in awhile so of course I went. I feel some what like a man when I can say I went drinking with the guys last night. My guy friends pretty much think of me as a guy with tits. Fun right.

So I went and usually I don't drink to much but sometimes you just have to let loose. And I let really loose.

We drank in our usual spot, The Shop. Which is were they work on the race cars.

Were playing beer pong, talking, catching up, laughing, and of course drinking. I was happy I went because I got to see some friends I hadn't seen in awhile.

Then the night went on and people started to leave.

Then Daniel and I started talking. And we kind of talked about the past and some of how we felt about each other. We've been flirting for a little while, well he was and I didn't know it because apparently I'm stupid when it comes to guys.

So we got all that out and the only people that were left were Daniel and I. So we made out a little. But it was getting late and we were both getting tired. So it was off to bed.

Needless to say I was suppose to get up for class this morning and I didn't. When I did it was 12:30 and I was hungover. And yet I don't feel to bad about missing Mr. Dicks class. So what did I do, I went shopping. Picked up some stuff. But I highly don't recommend going shopping while your hungover not in anyway fun.

But I hope you guys had a happy Wednesday as I did.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Marco. Polo.

So not only was there the fun with the bugs and the trip to Hooters this weekend there was one more event that just completed my world.

Around my area it has been storming non stop. And Sunday was no exception.

Right in the middle of watching a movie with my roommate Ashley the power goes out and then there was a big boom.

So to waste time during the black out, since most of the towns power was out, I took some pictures to document the evening.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Show me your boobies!

Ok so I'm not serious about the title but I thought it was fitting for my fifth new experience.

For the first time in my life on Sunday afternoon I went and ate at Hooters.

I know its not that big of deal but this is new to me and it constitutes a new experience.

I went there with my friends, Jenny and Happy (who started dating again, but that's a story for a different time), and the guy I'm now kind of seeing, Kyle (once again the story behind us is for a different time).

We've done this in the past. The next morning after a night of partying we would go out to eat at some restaurant. Picking out a restaurant is super hard with these people because Jenny and Kyle are super picky eaters.

The guys liked the idea of going to this place because they could stare at girls and it was some place new to Jenny and I.

It was ok and the food was decent to say the least but the one reason I will probably not be going back there any time soon would have to be the prices. For just two of us, our meal cost $33.

What I do wish I had the entire time I was there was any one of those girl's bodies as my own. They were all super skinny. So not fair but I guess that partially my fault since I don't get my lazy butt up to exercise. I guess that'll have to go on my things to do list.

Attack of the flying ants!

So Thursday night after I get done blogging and I'm getting ready to go to bed.
I put on my pj's and shut off lights. Take out my contacts and make sure lil' man's let outside.
After all that preparation my brain is focused on going to bed. However, as I approach my room I start to hear a bug hitting my lamp, being attracted to the light. Then I widen my vision to the rest of my bed. There about three of these little bug things. No problem. I kill them and flush them down the toilet
So I go back to my room hoping to crawl into bed. Nope, not going to happen. There are four more of those things crawling on my lamp and walls. Ok not so big a deal again. I can just kill those like I did the others.
Same thing happened again. So I go and retrieve the can of raid. By this time I'm tired and starting to get pissed off, because I don't really like bugs and when they keep multiplying then I really don't like bugs.
I pull my bed away from the wall and my night stand and I start looking for their nest thing.
And then right when I'm about to give up and sleep on the couch because I was not going to sleep in my room with those bugs crawling every where. I look by the front door, because my room would be located on the front porch type place, and there it is. But I wanted to puke this was gross. There was just this line of bugs going up my wall and to the right of the door. So I sprayed them and killed them. And since my carpet is glued to the floor so its like a giant rug that's wall to wall. I pick up the carpet and next to the door where I just killed the other bugs there's more and more.
I killed them. And since I was so tired I decided to sleep on the couch with my can of raid sleeping next to me.
Needless to say the next day before work I vacuumed my room and vacuumed up all their little dead bodies. Then I lifted the carpet, got out the crevice tool, and vacuumed every last one of them that I could see.
Call me mean, I don't care. If you would of seen this sight of all the bugs colonizing in your room, by your door, under your rug, and climbing all over your things; you'd do the same thing I did.
And I'm going to lie. After I killed them I felt much better.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Rush Rush Rush

So I didnt blog this weekend because I was super busy. Will explain later because I have to get ready for work.
But I hope everyone had a great weekend or at least a relaxing one.
And a late Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers and soon to be fathers out there.

Friday, June 18, 2010


So along with being a lazy pile today I decided to watch a new movie.

The previews looked funny, but don't they always? And that's the main reason why I wanted to watch it.

But sadly I was discouraged to find out that it was not as funny as I assumed it would be. Its more of a younger generation of funny. There were a few funny parts but not enough to make me want to watch it again.

Its about a college in Romania. That a bunch of US kids go to. Where they come to find out there are vampires running around.

If you want to watch it I wont spoil it for you but I'm just saying it wasn't for me.

Fairytale Fights.

So my roommate just bought an Xbox 360 and a few games. Now I'm not much of a gamer but what can I say I get bored doing nothing around the house.

So to occupy my time I started playing the game that looked the best. Which is a twisted version type of fairy tales. Where you kill pretty much everything.

So I started playing and I liked it, but I get most of the way through and I come to a really, really, really hard part. Now I know I'm not the greatest gamer in any way but damn.

So I start getting mad and then I start to get upset. And my hormones start to kick in and I'm about ready to throw the controller and cry. But I pull myself together, shut off the game and do something else that will occupy my time.

I probably wont play again til my roommate shows me how to beat the chapter because she already beat it. Boo.

I'm kind of a sore loser at times.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Thursday come and gone.

This morning I had class with my "awesome" teacher. And some of the first words that came out of his mouth were "I'm surprised any of you haven't dropped yet." Its only the fourth day of class. I would drop but I'm not a quitter and I don't really want to give him the satisfaction. Even though I'm so far really not very good at this stuff because he makes it harder than it is, I'm willing to try my hardest.
Other than class I mainly came home and took a nap. Getting up in the morning just doesn't agree with me. Maybe I shouldn't stay up so late.
But I am willing to get up early tomorrow morning. I have an appointment to get my car into the shop to find out whats really wrong with it. I just hope it doesn't cost to much, because I just bought the car.
Other than that I hope everyone had an amazingly super day, and something good happened.
With love from me.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just keep swimming.

This little guy is my new pet. Since my roommate, Ashley, so all the other pets in the house I've been wanting one.
The other night we made a trip to Walmart.
We stopped by the pet section because Ashley wanted a new fish because earlier that day her kissy fish, Bonny, died.
I picked out this cute little guy from the other fish and took him as my own.
Ashley however did not get another kissy fish, she did get an oscar though.
I haven't named him yet, but I've been thinking long and hard about it. I'm considering the name PB&J. But other suggestions would be appreciated!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Robot Chicken: Gummy Bear - Adult Swim (Official)

To explain a little about about weird I am and how messed up my sense of humor is, I am posting one of my favorite clips off Robot Chicken. Enjoy!

Thank You Thank You

I know I keep doing this, and I'm going to keep doing this.
I want to thank all my followers for sticking with me. Even though I lead a boring life and most of you probably don't care what I have to say unless you want to be put into a coma.

All the same, thank you for just taking to time out of your lives to look over my ramblings.

And I really want to thank those who comment. It just makes me feel good that someone has taken the time to read about my life and the inner workings of my brain and to take a few extra moments to leave me a little note at the end of it. Whether it be for or against the topic. Or if you just want to yell at me for being stupid it still means something to me.

And I promise I will try and liven it up a bit on my blog. But I just want to say I love you and thank you for sticking with my craziness.

Spending Way To Much Money.

Since I love to shop til I drop and spend WAY to much money Ive decided that I need to share some of my favorite shopping sites.
This first one has become one of my more favorite sites, I really need to learn to stay off that site, the joy of bidding just draws me in.

The second site being My biggest sister, Ashley, introduced me to this site and I fell in love. The clothes, jewelry, and accessories are vintage looking and wonderful. A little on the pricey side but o so beautiful.

The third site being Brings you really cheap deals on book and movies and such. My favorite part of the site is the bargain bins which offers books and movies at super cheap prices. It makes you want to keep buying and buying.

The fourth favorite site was introduced to me by my dad, This site will find what your looking for on other sites. But before you have to visit these sites and compare prices this site will show you the prices on the sites and tell you which is the best deal. Great for finding cheap textbooks.

The fifth and final site for this group of my top favorite sites is Sometimes there's just junk. Sometimes there's some pretty great deals. I like it mostly because its like a giant garage sale online. The missed connections or whatever its called is just hilarious.

So there you go. Now you can go out spend money. Just don't blame me if you spend all your money.

With a roof over my head.

So in a few weeks my roommate and I will be moving to a bigger house.
Well still be renting from the same guy but only this house will be bigger. Not to mention I'll get my own room with a door!
That's the main reason I'm happy to move.
But we've also decided that the upstairs is going to be a game room. YAY!

Critical Reasoning

That would be the name of my class. It makes thinking harder then it should be.
My teacher seems a little off. He says hell freak out if he hears a cell phone go off, and I guess that's ok but he threatened to take all our cell phones away if any of them went off. Now that's not exactly the best idea considering most the people in my class have kids. And what if something were to happen and then nobody could get ahold of the parent?
Moving on. I'm not trying to be mean but when he talks he sounds like he is either partially deaf or was deaf and had surgery to fix it.
Another problem with him is on the first day he told us he expects half the class to fail and the other half of the class to do ok but its unlikely that anyone will get an A in his class. I'm sorry but arn't teachers suppose to have faith in their students and if a student is struggling to offer some help?
I'm not sure I'm going to like this teacher but I'm willing to give him a chance.

I feel like I cant breath.

Moving on with my new experiences, I went a little out there. I almost think I got my friends wanting this to, how frickin awesome!

I decided that I wanted a corset. Yes I said it.

I searched and searched and found just the right one. The problem was since Ive never owned a corset what size was I suppose to get. I looked up some information about how to measure myself. But since I'm super lazy I went ahead and looked at some charts that shows you about what size you need.

I guessed at what size I assumed I needed. I bought it on Ebay and a couple weeks later it arrived.

In all its blue sparkly goodness. I couldn't of been happier.

I tried it on, had my roommate lace me up, and stared at myself in the mirror.

The night I actually wore it was kind of different and challenging. Standing with it on was the easy part. Sitting and doing anything else was a little harder to conquer.

Driving was pretty frickin hard. When I sat down it was harder to breath and I had to drive an hour. I was a little scared I was going to pass out. But I made it to my destination and got some good compliments.

All in all this turned out to be a good experience. Go me!
I know this picture doesn't really show the corset but I liked the picture anyways.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Yes I know its usually suppose to be TGIF but today was just such a good day I decided to change it up for one day.
Went to my class with my weird teacher. Learned not really anything.
Then I went and picked up a power cord for my roommates Xbox 360. Once again yes I'm the best roommate in the state of Iowa.
Then had some amazing Jimmy Johns for lunch. Nom Nom Nom.
Then it was over to borders to pick up a few books, both of which were on sale!
Then it was back home to relax.
Gotta Love Thursdays!


And were on to the next part of my crazy tattoo.

Now I love to bake when I'm not being pushed to do it. I brings happiness to my life and not to mention I love food.

So what could be better to represent happiness that a cute little cupcake?

Brings only one tear to my eye.

Yes I just want to throw it out there that I lost a follower.
I love all my followers not that I have very many. But I do appreciate anyone who takes the time to read through my boring life and crazy decisions.
Please don't give up on me.
With Love

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Color Purple. Part Two.

So I've finished the book The Color Purple by Alice Walker.
I never did find out why she never uses a mans last name but I guess that's not a very important detail.
I felt the book was a little less interesting in the end. Now for those who haven't read it I'm trying not to type anything that might ruin it, so bare with me.
I mean it started out with a little drama and things that you weren't really expecting to read, but towards the end I felt like everything slowed down.
Maybe this just wasn't my type of book. Yes it was a good book and yes I'd probably refer it to other readers but this story really didn't do it for me.

Embrace Life. Very Inspiring.

I found this video on my friends Facebook. I watched it and loved it. I felt I needed to share it with all of you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Hero to Me!

I wanna take the time right now to express how much of a hero my father is to me.

My dad works several jobs, more or less to take care of the family and provide things we need and want. He currently holds a job as an architect, a part time college professor, and a clock repair man.

Not to mention he volunteers as an EMT and fire fighter. He is also on the church council and repairs things around the house, such as he just put in the new wood floor to the kitchen and family room.

He works non stop and I love him so much.

He's willing to do anything for me and the rest of my family. No matter how big or small. Even when he doesn't have to work he's still trying to find something to do.

So tonight I am dedicating this blog to my father who without him I probably wouldn't be here today!

I love you daddy.

I scream. You scream. We all scream for icecream.

So the other night my friend got me a pint of ice cream. I didn't want to eat all of it that night so I only ate some and put the remainder of it in the freezer for the next day.

However, the next day I had to drive an hour home.

So I grabbed my pint of chocolate chip cookie dough Ben and Jerry's ice cream and a spoon from their house and I started on my way home.

Now I know that this probably isn't smart in any way, shape, or form. I couldn't just let my ice cream melt on the way home. And I was not going to let free ice cream go to waste.

So half way through the drive home I popped the top off the pint and dug in.

Since I used one hand to hold the ice cream and the other to eat the it, I drove with my knee.

Has you ever tried to eat half a pint of ice cream and drive at the same time? Not exactly easy. But I didn't wreck or cause an accident.


So for the next part of my tattoo project I felt that Wisdom is something I need to get through life.

Without it I would probably make alot of mistakes and more than likely be stupid and maybe even jobless.

Id like to think common sense fits into the category of Wisdom.

Now for Wisdom I had a pretty hard time coming up with a good symbol. Yes I thought about an owl but that didn't really seem to fit who I am. So after some intense planning I came up with a stack of books.

If you couldn't tell from previous blogs I love to read.So naturally this idea seemed to fit.

Happy Monday.

Its a little late parctically tuesday but I figured I'd get my good wishes in for the week now.
I hope everyones weeks have started off to a great start.
Cant say I really did to much. Slept til 12:30, ran errands, and then went to work. Tomorrow will be a more productive day.
I start summer classes tomorrow! I know its seems kind of weird that I'm excited about classes and learning but how can I not be when it gives me something to do during the week. I wont really like getting up in the moring and driving an hour to get there but itll be worth it in the long run.
After class I'm suppose to meet up with my biggest sister, Ashley (not to be confused with my roommate Ashley). I'm going to be giving her our dad's camera and lenses so that she can make sure she gets the right camera that he wants for fathers day. He's been wanting this newer digital type camera that he can also use the lenses he has for it. It was between the camera, a new grill, or a motorcycle. All of my siblings are going in on together instead of getting him a few small gifts that he may or may not use. So this seemed kind of pratical.
Then it might be off to Walgreens to pick up a fire pit because I want one and there kind of cheap there.
If I decide against that idea then its over to my parents house to drop off and pick up some things. Then to work at the bar.
And finally I'd like to once again thank my followers and the people that have taken the time to read my blog. I know its not always the most exciting stuff but I hope you may enjoy reading it. And maybe some of the things from my life may entertain you or make you think that your life isnt so bad. So Thank You!

Monday, June 7, 2010


So for my next tattoo I wasn't sure what to get. I thought for close to a year about the next tattoo because all my tattoo have meaning for me.

I then decided I wanted something to symbolize me.

Then it turned into a project with several tattoos involved. But I wanted to be original in my designs. Something nobody else would have.

This project involved things I thought I need to get through life. First and foremost I think I need strength to get through life and its many obstacles.

For me it meant I had to fight my way through life to make it. I came up with a pair of boxing gloves to symbolize strength in my opinion.

A new way to clean my ear.

Lately I've been trying to have new experiences. Well this new experience I wasn't expecting.
I had gone over to a guys house to watch some movies. Not that I wanted to but he was getting super whiny. So I went over.
When I got there I liked his dogs more than I liked him. That doesn't really have anything to do with the story but I thought it kind of funny.
So we go up to his room because he still lived with his parents (real winner). From there I had to pick out the movie because he was apparently to lazy to pick on out himself.
So were laying there. Then I'm about to fall asleep because I'm having so much fun there. He decides it'll be fun to start making out.
We start making out and its not to bad. Then he starts to nibble on my ear, that wasn't so bad its nothing new to me. Right when I'm not paying to much attention to what its doing and just enjoying it, he sticks his tongue in my ear.
It felt like I was getting a wet willy for Pete's sake.
Well to sum up the story we don't have sex, but we play with each other. The best part about the night is he didn't even want me to stay the night that's how I knew right there that he only wanted a piece of ass. But to this day any time we talk he completely denies just wanting a piece.

Give me an H...

Well since I'm trying to be honest in this blog to allow you to know me better I wont lie, I wasn't popular in high school.

High school gave me something to do everyday during the week. And to give you a small idea of my high school, my graduating class was only the size of 28, I knew all the names of the kids in high school no matter what grade I was in, and you knew what car they drove if the had a license or a permit. You could fit all of my class in one room. The high school is connected to the elementary and the preschool. And yet we have two gyms, one lunch room, and an elevator.

Like everyone, I thought some classes were boring and some classes were fun. I personally loved art, because most the time were messed around. But the class mainly allowed me to be creative when I wasn't able to be creative in most classes. My art teacher, Mrs.Nielson, was so much fun and liked you to explore and create what you wanted, as long as you were creating something during your class time. When ever you had a question she had the answer and she was an amazing artist. She is one of the reason I love to be creative.

I wasn't much for after school activities. Sure I wanted to be more support of my school but its a little hard when your working from 4-8 almost everyday after school. So there wasn't much time for anything else. However, I did want to try out to be a cheerleader. I also thought about joining the basketball team but I wasn't coordinated enough. My hand-eye coordination is pretty non-existent. There was even one prick in my gym class that made fun of me for it.

Again like most girls and maybe guys, I really wanted to be popular. Now don't get me wrong, I loved my friends and I would do anything for them and the popular people weren't super giant dicks like in alot of schools. Even though I wasn't popular I'd consider myself on the border of popularity. But just having something to do every weekend without having to find it, or knowing how to do my hair besides just a pony tail or straight. They just always looked like they were having fun.

To be super honest I didn't really try in school. Yes I got decent grades, mainly A's and B's maybe a C here or there, and a D in my senior year (evil witch). But Id guess I'd have to say I was probably bored with my classes and that's why I only got decent grades. Half the time during my classes I was doodling. I will say that I have slight ADD or ADHD that's never been treated because I don't really believe in that "disease" or maybe I was just never tested for it. I'm just saying I don't think my classes challenged me enough. So I guess I was a little happy when I got to college.

I don't consider myself a nerd but in a way I was in high school. I joined clubs. There I said it and I'm proud. Now my high school didn't have a Glee club during my high school years. But we did have a Get-A-Grip club. If my school was the only one with this, its a club that organized events and fundraisers to keep teens away from drugs and alcohol. I was also part of the student council not that we really did anything in student council. In my high school we had choir as a class, and yes I was in it. I liked to sing and it helped that my friends were in that class.

High school just seemed like it passed by so quickly. And I kind of miss it if that's weird to say. It kept me busy day to day, with classes during the day and homework at night. Pep rallies and football games. Prom and friends.

So now you know a little more about my home town and myself.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I was working at the bar tonight. It was pretty dull as usual.

Some people came in that I knew. Everything was going fine.

Then out of no where one of the guys, Shannon, starts pushing another guy, Jared. They start punching each other and take each other outside.

All the other guys follow as does my boss, trying to break up the fight. As the guys are outside with Shannon, Jared comes back in yelling.

A few minutes later a couple of the guys that were outside came in.

Now all these guys are friends. So Shannon has now hit three of his friends for trying to calm him down.

A little later their all still trying to calm down Shannon. When out of no where Shannon hits Daniel. Then the other guys jump in on it. Fists are flying, their rolling on car hoods in the parking lot, and its all crazy drama.

Then the cop shows up. Shannon still wasn't settling down so he threatened to taze him. That calmed him down a little bit. Just enough to get him in the car.

The cop was still talking to him through the car window and almost arrested Shannon because he doesn't know when to stop.

Then once they leave the other guys are still pissed that Shannon did all this and almost got arrested for public intox.

But everything started to settle down when the cop was getting the story on what happened. That's when I went home.

So the new experience in this is I got to see my first bar fight. Go me, I guess.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Aha its me.

So I guess I better entertain my readers by letting you know a little about me.

My full name is Lindsey Marie Morrison. I just recently turned 20 almost about a month ago. I no longer living with my parents but instead with a roommate. Were renting a small house, which I will talk about at a later date.

I was born in the city but I've been raised in a small town my entire life. There isn't a movie theatre or bowling alley in my home town, so growing up was a little dull but we made our own fun.

The closest town is nine miles away. The closest Walmart is 30 miles away. And the closest mall is about an hour away give or take. And we only recently got a Dollar Store in my small home town a year or two ago. So I guess were moving up in the world very, very slowly.

Since I'm from such a small town I guess you could say family means alot to me. I have a brother, Chris, and sister-in-law, Lisa, that live about an hour away. Next in line is my oldest sister, Ashley, not to me mistaken for my roommate, Ashley. Who also happens to live an hour away. Then my last sister, Mikey, who I'm the closest to out of my siblings. She still lives at home. Which out of all of this I am the baby of the family.

I currently hold the position of bartender at one of the local bars.

When I'm not bar tending I can usually be found at home. However I love to shop, get tattoos, hang out with friends, watch movies, read, and scrapbook. I guess I'm a weird combination.

I have three dogs; Jake, Sam, and Jane. All of them live with my parents. And I take in strays at my parents house to. Well I've kind of stopped that since I no longer live there. I would love to own a bunny but my roommate is deathly allergic and I don't want her to die. So that's a no. I've also considered a sugar glider but after reading up on them I don't think so. Next on the list I'm thinking about a teacup pig.

I cant really tell you what I want to be when I grow up because I have NO idea what so ever.

I do love to bake when people don't bug me about it. A also like to draw, write short stories, and I guess blog.

So there's a little about me for the time being to hold you over until next time.

The color purple. Part one.

Im starting to read The Color Purple.
So far I can undestand most of it. Its simple enough.
Alot of it is wrong. The beating and all of the abuse. But I guess thats how it was back then.
But what I'm not really sure of is why she doesnt say any mans last name. Does she tell you later on?
And does she ever learn how to spell and speak correctly?
Maybe I'm just hoping for to much.
But I can say so far Im starting to like the book and how its written. Its starting to draw me in.
And PLEASE dont ruin it for me.

Theres a hole in my underroos!

Boxers, thongs, boy shorts, briefs, ect.

Whatever underwear I will most likely love them.

I just love the feel of new underwear. Especially Victoria Secret underwear. Its so soft and comfy. The best way to describe it for me would be like a dream.

I love underwear for alot of reasons.
1) You could be wearing sexy underwear or granny panies, only you know. And who ever you might want to show.

2)Underwear fits everyone.

3)It comes in all different kinds of prints and colors. There are just so many choices.

I mean how can you not love underwear?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sisterly Love!

For my second tattoo I wanted to get something with my sister. I had drawn up ideas for some other tattoos that I was thinking about getting. One day my sister, Mikey, saw one of the ones I had drawn, on a marker board no less.
She went ahead and got the design she liked on her wrist.

About a year later I decided we needed something to connect us.

I got the same tattoo, only pink instead of blue and on my hip instead of my wrist.

I love having something I am sharing with my sister and it makes it even better that it was my design.

Its been about a year and we've talked about adding on to it. I guess well have to wait and see what happens.

Happinesses of Summer!

Summers here and there ALOT of things I love about this season.
Fresh Cut Grass!
Warmer Temperatures.
The Smell & Sound of Rain!
Lemonade Stnads.
Jumping into a Pool on a Hot Day.
The Smells of Flowers!
If theres anything else you like about this season let me know.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Getting Away With Being An Old Guy!

I love the old guys at my job.
They come in and hang out almost everyday that I work. I really cant say about the days I don't work since I'm not there.
But they like to give me advice.
They told me I need a sugar daddy.
And tonight I'm told I need to go into the career of dressing in leather and shaking my ass.
They just make me laugh how could you not love and old, perverted, old guy (I know I said old twice).
They always seem to know how to make my night.

My First Tattoo.

I'm not new to the world of tattoos. No Ive been around them since I was probably about 15.

Now I didn't get my first one til I was 18. This was a matter of I wanted to make sure of what I wanted and I wanted a professional to do it for me.

My first tattoo came a few days after my 18Th birthday. I had thought about what I wanted for a couple years and had even drawn up a few designs.

The day came and my sister, Mikey, and one of her friends came with me. Mikey's rule with all her friends is that she'll hold your hand for the first one and maybe the second but your on your own after that. Now I'm a very independent person and Mikey didn't hold my hand for my first one. I was to interested in gripping the bar that I was holding on to.

When that needle hit my skin I thought I was going to pass out or throw up or something from the adrenaline rush. But I stayed awake and didn't puke the entire time. And as the tattoo went on the pain became easier to handle. However, my first mistake was that I got it on my upper back right over my spine.

What can I say no one really gave me advice in that area.

All the tattoos I have mean something to me in some way or another. And I know that alot of people Mikey included get alot of their tattoos just because.

This first one is a cross with wings. I wanted the cross because I am a religious person and to me it was the right choice for my first tattoo.


WARNING: This documentary is not for people with a weak stomach.

I loved this documentary. It was so eye opening.

This documentary is all about piercing, tattooing, plastic surgery, and any type of body modification. With different points of view from the piercers, tattoo artists, body builders, and plastic surgeon's.

This documentary involved a subject that I like and for the most part believe in.

Now I know everyone has their own opinion about these subjects, but watch this movie and you'll get a different aspect.

I even learned things. And trust me when I say that this movie is not for people with a weak stomach. If you like to watch pain being done to others this is your type of movie. The movies shows actual surgery's, tattoos being done, hooks being inserted into the skin, people hanging from hooks, and even one piercer doing his own piercing. I even had to stop the movie a couple times because I thought I might throw up but that's just the way my body works.

I believe that most people need to watch this for an intense learning experience.

Julie and Julia

I have just finished the movie Julie and Julia.
I know its been out for awhile but I'm just getting back up to speed with my movies.
It was cute and some of it wasn't always what I expected.
I learned many things that I did not know about Julia. Well to be honest I didn't really know anything about Julia. I all I knew was that she was a person that loved to cook.
I also did not know that this movie was based off of a real person named Julie's blog.
I guess we can all become inspired to do something. Take me for example I am writing this blog because it gave me something to do, I wanted to try something new, I love to write, my cousin just wrote a book because of her blog, and now this movie gives me more inspiration.
The things you learn from movies.

Im drowning in a sea of candy!

Ive been thinking about it lately and I come to the conclusion that I have ALOT of addictions. No not with drugs but just random things.

The biggest addiction I think I have is candy.

There are just so many flavors and textures. Candies that come in pinks, reds, greens, purples, blues, browns, ect. With flavors ranging from watermelon to peach and blueberry to popcorn. Even sugar has different flavors.

I think I'm most addicted to chocolate. Its just so creamy and melts in your mouth. And I don't care what the M&M's company says their candies can melt in your hand. Milk chocolate and white chocolate. Now candy company's are adding flavors to their chocolate like raspberry and blueberry. I could probably go on and on about chocolate but I wont.

I use to really love skittles. Since my friends and family know my candy addiction my sister thought it would be an idea for a birthday present. She gave me a big birthday bag filled with bags of skittles. Some BIG bags of skittles and some small. There were even boxes of skittles. Needless to say I was in heaven for the most part. But after the boxes and little bags of skittles were gone, I started not to like skittles so much when it came to the BIG bags. Well that present has lasted a year and then some. I currently have 2 and a half BIG bags of skittles left to finish. And I'm trying to get my roommate to help finish them but its not going so well.