Monday, May 31, 2010

Women In Trouble!

Wow so I just watched this weird, crazy, hilarious movie. Since I have nothing better to do on a late Sunday night, I went to my Netflix account on my computer and picked this movie out, since I had never seen it.

Women in Trouble

It seemed like a lower budget film, with some frames out of focus, but a really good story line. There are some bigger names in the film.

Its about several women, most but not all of them connected to each other in some way or another.

Combining a cast of characters from a porn star to a shrink.

In some places of the movie it leaves you hanging a little bit but keeps you highly entertained.

In my opinion the hospital scene is one of the best.

The porn star is watching the daughter of her new friend, both of them smoking some cigarettes (don't judge that last sentence until you watch the movie). I don't want to ruin anything, not that you ll understand this conversation without watching the movie but here goes because this just kept me laughing.

"Why do they call them adult movies if there so juvenile? Its a euphemism. Whats a euphemism? A polite way of saying something that drags all the fun outta saying it. Like saying a plastic vagina is a novelty item."

Another conversation that just kept me laughing went something like this.

"Can I change my middle name? You don't have a middle name. I know but I wanna change my name to Charlotte D Hunter. Whats the D stand for? Danger. Danger is your middle name? Dangers my middle name!"

Trust me on this if your going to trust me on anything. If you think you have a sense of humor like I do then like this movie. Try and watch this movie, it'll be good for your insides.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I bid a dollar. Ok How about two dollars.

As I'm playing on the computer and going through all my accounts. As I come to my last account it occurs to me that I'm really addicted to EBay.

I mean I know I have a small shopping problem and EBay just allows me to shop easier and cheaper from the comfort of my home.

How could some one like me not be addicted to a site like that?

Lets go Racing.

Last night I went racing with my friends. Whats even better was I was in the pits.
*The pits, for those who don't know, is the area where the cars are with the trailers. See picture below.

Now this is stock car racing not nascar or any other.

Now the stands are ok but being in the pits is better because you have a WAY better view of everything.

The amount of teams I root for has gone up over the year.

It started out with me rooting for one team. That was the first time I had been there. And I loved it from the first crash.

The sounds, smells, fights, and crashes. It surrounds you through most of the night. And it is an adrenaline rush! Even though I don't race, its just so thrilling to stand there and watch the cars battle for first place.

The second year came for racing and I had another team to support. My friends from the city. Their a little more into it than my first team. But thats just one more reason to go to the races.

Now as we enter my third year for racing I may have another team to support. Their a little newer to this but itll be nice to have one more reason to go to the races.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Drinks are on me!

Not really. Sorry for getting you hopes up.

If you haven't read my earlier blogs I work at a bar at the tender age of 20.

It was taco night. They were amazing. Homemade taco shells deep fat fried. Wow I love food way to much.

Note that the food in the picture is not the taco from the bar but picture courtesy of Yahoo and the closest picture I could get that looked like the actual thing.

So anyways. Since I only started about a month ago and have never bar tended before I am still learning stuff. And its kind of interesting to learn some of the things I do.

So the night started off pretty good. Then a little later into the night in strolls a guys I'm strongly disliking at the moment and his whore looking girlfriend. Sorry about the whore comment but that's the was she dressed. She was wearing a short skirt and a low cut top not to mention she has giant boobs.

So why do I strongly dislike this person. We have a history 'nough said. But Ill shorten the story just for you. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy. Things didn't work out because the boy was to dumb to realize what he had. Boy gets a new girlfriend, then when said girlfriend is out of town boy invites first girl over to drink and lies to her.

I think I did pretty good summing it up for you.

So back to the bar. Now can I really hate on this person, not really when hes drinking in the bar. He provides most my tips. I love drunk people!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I took off my bra and now I have a tan line.

Ok everyone whos reading this get your minds out of the gutter!

Im talking about my car you perverts.

What is know as a bra for your car is attached to the front of your car. I think its to catch the bugs from doing something or other. I dont really know because it came with the car.

Anyway. Ashley has been bugging me to take off my bra because she says that itll make that part of my car rust. And yes I think shes right but Im just to lazy to get my butt up and actually do it.

Now the other day I was having my friends, Daniel and Brent, change my oil. After they were done Daniel decided he needed to gang up on me with Ashley and tell me I should take it off. So while the guys were busy talking about cars with someone that stopped by I took off the top part of my bra since I was standing right there.

After the other person left and we were back to standing around talking Daniel looked at my car and asked me where the top part went. I told him I took it off, since he obviously didnt see me do it. Then he decided to tell me my car had a tan line. Thats what there actually called he said.

Well la-de-da I thought. All I cared about was that now my car was dirty and needed a bath.

Theres a Monkey in my Closet

Ok so the monkeys not in my closet but he is on my bed.
A monkey I've dubbed Bob. And he rules the right side of my bed.
I don't really find it that crazy that I still have a stuffed animal on my bed and that I occasionally cuddle with. Is it crazy? Is it to childish? Maybe to some people but this monkey means so much to me.

Come on now, I know some people still have childhood toys that they don't really want to part with. Whether they are in some box in the back of the closet or sitting on a shelf in your living room. And is it really that bad to have a toy of some kind that you still have after all these years?

I think not and since I am a BIG kid I still have several of my childhood toys but there mainly at my parents house.

Now Bob is not just some random toy, he has memories and sentimental value of a relative that has died just only a year ago.

Given to me several years ago by my Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Marv at one of our many family Christmas get together. For most of the time Bob was in the back seat of my car. However, I recently bought a newish car and have decided Bob needed a better home than the car. So now he sits on my bed day and night. And he occasionally comes out into the living room for a visit. Or when my friends have their kids over and they take a nap in my bed he becomes their cuddle buddy.

I will probably never get rid of my Bob since I will never get to see my Uncle Marv ever again. Every time I look at my monkey I know that my Uncle is in a better place watching over me and my family.

To The Crazies

As I log on to my blog and check out the latest updates it comes to my attention that I know have a few followers.

I was never expecting people to actually read my random thoughts but I guess I should account for the people out there that are just as crazy as me.

And I would just like to say thank you to those that have started following me on my way through life.

Are you there God?

So on the last day of my most recent class we ended on the subject of religion.

The main question was in the words of my teacher 'Can someone please explain to me why in the heck are they speaking in tongues?'

After hearing comments and questions from my fellow classmates I started to think more and more about it.

I often hear that the best answer from God is no answer. Well who in the heck is He talking to? And apparently I'm getting all the best answers from Him because I haven't heard a single word from Him in all my 20 years.

Now I'm not going to lie, I have questioned my faith and whether or not God does exist. But can you blame me? With all the ups and downs and problems in my life and everything that goes on in the world. You'd think God would just flood the earth again and start from scratch.

Maybe I need to the read the bible and go to church more often. Maybe I need to go on a journey to connect with God. Maybe I'm just completely out of touch with God.

I will admit im not the most perfect person when it comes to following in Gods ways or stuff like that. And maybe He will forgive me for my sins and allow me through the pearly gates.

In the end myself or anyone else will know the truth until its the time for them to know. And if you dont know what Im talking about then you must not be completly there. Im talking about DEATH.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now Hiring

With such a short start to life you'd think I'd go for a regular job. As my life moves forward my job experience becomes more interesting as the story's told.

1) My first job was a simple one. I worked at my parents Hallmark store in out small town. It was an easy enough job; go in after school, sit behind the counter, and ring up customers.
Working for my parents was always a plus. It was never very busy so I would always be able to get my homework done and have time left over to try and entertain myself. Not to mention there was a candy counter that I had full access to.

2) As I got older I needed a better paying job. Thus I found myself as a dishwasher for the local nursing home. Not the greatest job in the world but I got a regular paycheck.
I cleaned dishes, stocked the kitchen supplies, handed out food, picked up dishes, did more dishes, cleaned my work station, and then finally took out the trash.
Needless to say this job mainly worked for me because it was only a couple days a week for only a couple hours a day.

3) After graduating high school with uncertainty as to the career I wanted to go into I decided working that summer would be a better idea. And I would not be able to do this working only a few hours a week. And so I found myself at the office of a road construction company a half hour away from where I lived.
I got a pay increase from my job before and more hours.
This was all new and exciting to me. Working in the sun, in different towns, and feeling like I was actual doing something a little better with my time. I worked all summer got a tan and during winter months was able to start taking classes.
However, after getting up before the sun was up and getting home many times after the sun had gone down I was starting to grow tired of it. Leading into my current job.

4) After a long debate in my head I finally decided I wasn't going to go back to my job at the road construction company. To long of hours really takes a toll on the body and I kind of got use to being lazy. I also wanted to be able to finish up my general classes and transfer to a four year university without having to wait til next winter to do it.
After searching for a job that would be suitable to my tastes and that I would be able to keep taking classes my roommate suggest the local bar.
Ive never bar tended before nor did I think I would be able to since I was still only 19 at the time. But she assured me that he was in desperate need of bartenders. I walked in the next day after class and waited for the phone call later that day. Within an hour he called asking me when I could start.
I was grinning from ear to ear. Since my first day on the job Ive learned a good amount and am still learning while beginning entertained by my regulars.

After this long journey within only a few short years of starting in the job world I have learned more than the average person of my age and have shaped myself into a better person for it. I'm anxious for whatever jobs are waiting for me in the future.

Leaving Paradise

I'm just going to randomly throw this out there.

The book Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles was a fantastic read. Going back and forth between the two main characters point of views was something different and kept my attention.

You weren't really sure how the story was going to end or what was going to happen.

So if your into books and are looking for something new to read this is an excellent book.

In my dream I was a kid.

Anyone ever miss being a kid?
I cant help but remember what it was like being so small and fragile. I miss not caring about money or whether or not I was cute enough.

Most kids dont have any cares in the world. The biggest thing I cared about was if I woke up in time to watch saturday cartoons or not.

Its just been striking me as odd that kids are just trying to grow up way to fast. And it probably doesnt help when their parents are trying to get them to grow up and get out of the house.

I just go shopping and look in the store windows and think to myself 'When I was that age I would of never even considered wearing that'. Then again I was never a stylish one.

Heck I never even thought Id make it this far in life let alone do some of the things I did.

I was scared to grow up. Scared of living on my own, paying bills, and going to a job everyday. I just wanted to be able to sleep til when ever, and only do the things I wanted when ever I wanted.

But we all have to grow up. I am however, still secretly a kid. I eat lucky charms, still to this day most of the time sleep til I want to, and I like to watch cartoons. I hope Im always in some way, shape, or form a kid.

Dont you?

Attack of the pies.

As stated in my first blog I was going to try my had at a design for a cupcake today out of the book my sister gave me for my bday.

Did it turn out the way I wanted it? No. Do they taste good? My cupcakes always taste good.

I guess it didnt really help that I was getting frustrated with my friend, Robbie, who was helping me. I cant help that when Im making something in the kitchen you either listen to what Im saying or get out of my *bleep* kitchen.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday Wishes From The Rock Show

I recently turned 20. I feel like I skipped being 19 and just jumped to 20. Maybe I just slept through the 19Th year of my life, I am pretty lazy. Anyhow, this birthday was probably one of the best bdays I've ever had. I'm serious, usually my birthday is forgotten since its at the beginning of the summer.

I'm extremely happy I stay up pretty late otherwise I might of been pissed at the two phone calls. The first from my big sister, Mikey, who works nights and was able to call me at 11:58. The second call from my roommate, Ashley, who also works nights and wanted to give my sister a chance to call first, so her call came in a few minutes later at 12:02.

In the morning nothing seemed out of the ordinary and it wasn't. I hoped in the shower but the surprising started right as I turned off the shower and pulled back the curtain. Apparently Mikey and Ashley decided it would be nice to start my birthday off by giving me a heart attack. They threw open the bathroom door and proceed to throw 50 one dollar bills at me as I stood there naked. This was all done so that I may feel like a stripper since I decided that I didn't want to go to the strip club the next night for my bday. Then they slammed the door and let my heart recover.
A few hours later I opened the front door to my friend Robbie and Mikey's boyfriend, Shane. The three of us were off to Rockfest. An outdoors concert held by a local radio station showing a number of bands. For my birthday Robbie got me a ticket. I got to hear Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Papa Roach, Hailstorm, and so many more. That was just a once in a life time experience. That concert just completed my day, since I couldn't do anything else that day because the concert ran from two to eleven.
The presents didn't stop there. When I got home there was a present from Mikey by my bed. I went to the couch, since my room is small, and ripped that sucker open. It was two cupcake cook books that Ive been wanting for so long, Hello Cupcake and Whats New Cupcake. If I get my lazy butt out of bed I will be attempting one of the recipes tomorrow.
One more present came a couple days later when I got in my car. Hanging from the rear view mirror was an air freshener. You may be thinking I really am crazy but it was just any air freshener it had a picture of a naked lady on it. I was in heaven. Now you guys are thinking this chick really is crazy but there is a story behind the naked lady air freshener.
For the past two summer I had been working road construction as a flagger. For those of you who don't know what that is I held the stop/slow sign, drove the pilot truck, and did odd jobs around the headquarters. So during the first year on the job I stumbled upon a naked lady air freshener in the center compartment of one of the pilot trucks and right then decided to hang it up on the mirror. The next summer she was missing. At first I suspected the company perverted porn addict. However, it wasn't him. It was the head bosses of the company.

Apparently they didn't know one of the girls that worked for the company hung it up and they removed it for fear it might cause a sexual harassment lawsuit. Crazy right? Moving on, Ashley and I have then spent the last year looking for a new naked lady.
So theres the beginning of my blog and a small part of my life. Thanks for reading, whoever might be out there.