Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Color Purple. Part Two.

So I've finished the book The Color Purple by Alice Walker.
I never did find out why she never uses a mans last name but I guess that's not a very important detail.
I felt the book was a little less interesting in the end. Now for those who haven't read it I'm trying not to type anything that might ruin it, so bare with me.
I mean it started out with a little drama and things that you weren't really expecting to read, but towards the end I felt like everything slowed down.
Maybe this just wasn't my type of book. Yes it was a good book and yes I'd probably refer it to other readers but this story really didn't do it for me.


  1. I've never read the book OR watched the movie. I probably won't do either. Oh well....

    I loved you I scream. You scream. post. I have an obsessive love of ice cream. I've had cones while I've been driving, but never an actual pint. (not that I don't think I'll try it sometime!!)


  2. I've never read the book, but I do know I love the movie:). I have always wanted to give the book a try though.