Monday, June 7, 2010

A new way to clean my ear.

Lately I've been trying to have new experiences. Well this new experience I wasn't expecting.
I had gone over to a guys house to watch some movies. Not that I wanted to but he was getting super whiny. So I went over.
When I got there I liked his dogs more than I liked him. That doesn't really have anything to do with the story but I thought it kind of funny.
So we go up to his room because he still lived with his parents (real winner). From there I had to pick out the movie because he was apparently to lazy to pick on out himself.
So were laying there. Then I'm about to fall asleep because I'm having so much fun there. He decides it'll be fun to start making out.
We start making out and its not to bad. Then he starts to nibble on my ear, that wasn't so bad its nothing new to me. Right when I'm not paying to much attention to what its doing and just enjoying it, he sticks his tongue in my ear.
It felt like I was getting a wet willy for Pete's sake.
Well to sum up the story we don't have sex, but we play with each other. The best part about the night is he didn't even want me to stay the night that's how I knew right there that he only wanted a piece of ass. But to this day any time we talk he completely denies just wanting a piece.

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