Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grab a box and packing tape

So the official move has started.
Yesterday we got the washer and dryer moved over to the new house.
And got most all my clothes packed.
Now I have to finish packing the rest of the house, load everything up in any vehicle possible, and get it up the alley to the new house.
Kind of super happy were only moving up the alley and that I'm going to have a room with a door!
We want to have everything at the new house by Saturday and then clean this house Sunday.
Wish us luck.


  1. Good luck!! moving can be such a pain in the ass!

  2. Good luck!! Moving is never fun, but it always feels so good to start fresh and have everything organized (at least for a day or two)

  3. I left you an award on my blog today. Come over and get it!!


  4. Tayebug I want to thank you for the award and I dont want to sound like a complete idiot but how do I get it since Im new to this whole blogging stuff.