Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Triple Movie Review

That's right a triple threat of movies. Ive watched a few movies lately and figured Id let you guys in on them.
This first movie is Frailty.
An FBI investigation that takes you into the Meiks family lives. Fenton, a son in the Meiks family, has flash backs from his childhood. Claiming he knows who the "God's hands" killer is.

This movie was pretty good. A little twisted but decent. Then half way through the movie is changed up a little bit. You have to follow it a little bit but in the end it makes the movie more interesting, in my opinion.

The second movie Hard Candy.

A teenage girl is going to a local coffee shop to meet up with a 30 something man she met on the internet. But as the night goes on the turns out that Hayley isn't so innocent.

This made for an interesting movie. There were alot of twists and turns. You had to pay attention during some parts or you weren't going to get the full details of some. It was kind of good but I'm not sure if it would be one of those movies Id watch again.

The third and final movie is Night Of The Living Dorks.
Three losers in high school are turned into zombies for a night after attempting to try their hand at voodoo. Now they can seek revenge on the people that have bullied them for so long.
This was originally a German film and the voices were changed to English. So the voices are a little off. It is slightly annoying but you don't notice so much as the movie goes on. There was a lot of humor. Not that all the jokes were funny or at least I didn't think so. Yes there are some pretty funny parts but Id probably only watch this again if I was pretty bored.

Now don't start freaking out. There will always be more movie reviews another day because I am addicted to movies. And yes I used my opinion but you are always more than welcome to watch these movies, form your own opinion, and let me know and everyone else what you thought. Your opinion is always welcome!

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