Monday, August 23, 2010

Bar stories (caught up)

So I have a few interesting bar stories that I feel need to be posted for everyone elses entertainment.

The first one involves one of my regulars. He keeps trying to buy me a drink while I'm working. I choose not to have one because A) I'm only 20, B) My boss knows how old I am, and C) I don't want to risk my job because they want to buy me a drink. Me denying him doesn't stop him it only slows him down for the night. Anyway, since Ive been turning him down he thinks that I don't drink at all. Then he came to the conclusion that I am an innocent girl. Then he suggested that maybe because I'm so innocent I need to join a convent. I guess it couldn't hurt. They take you in and keep you clothed and fed.

The second involves the same regular (you can see a pattern). He had noticed one of my tattoos because when I was reaching for something my shirt came up slightly and he saw it. He mentioned it and then we got on the topic of my tattoos. How many I have? Where are they? Stuff like that, the usual. Then he asked if I had a mouse tattooed down there, because what eats mice? Of course I don't. He was a little disappointed. But then he suggested that I get it.

The last story isn't really a story but a recap of Friday night. Friday night was of course taco night. So our kitchen help, Brett, was there. And he was flirting a little even though he has a girlfriend, but it was just something that kept the night entertaining. And my regulars came in as usual. At the end of the night though my boss decided to would be a good idea to scare the crap out of me. He explained that he had sold the bar. Luckily the guy that bought the bar is going to keep the bar as is and not change it into a completely different business. He said that the new guy might hire me on. (Fingers crossed) He explained that their going to be having a meeting about it some time soon in the future.
*Note: Picture found through yahoo.

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