Monday, August 30, 2010

The fun doesnt stop there.

During the weekend after work one night I couldn't find anything to do and I was feeling pretty down about it.

Anyway I decided I was hungry, like a lion, and wanted to make me some food.

Now I wasn't super hungry because I ate some food before work but anyways.

I decided on a couple eggs. (Good choice Lindsey, *pat myself on the back*, they were really good in the end.)

So I got through with my first egg. Success! Then right as I'm putting my first egg on the plate in the corner of my eye I see something moving.

I had set the other egg on our microwave cart to be closer to the stove so I wouldn't have to move around alot and could just reach over and grab it. (Bad Idea)

The next thing I know as I'm turning my head I watch as it falls to the ground. (Great, just what I needed)

So now the first egg is starting to get cold while I have to clean up the second egg off the floor, while yelling at little man to stay out of the kitchen because I didn't want him to eat it.

So got the mess cleaned up and its back to the stove to make a second egg. And they did end up tasting really good.
Although the good thing is I now know which way our kitchen floor slants.

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