Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last night was a pain in my side.

I worked, of course, last night at the bar. It was slow and my favorite regulars didn't come in.
Anyway I got home, not long before Ashley left for work.
I was comfy on the couch in a pretty decent mood (minus the anger towards Daniel) writing to my pen pals.
Then I received a call from Ashley asking me for a favor. Of course I hate when she asks me that, because I'm probably not going to want to do it but end up doing it because there's no one else to do it. She had left her bank card on the table and she doesn't carry cash. Not to mention she buys food during her shift at work so she needed it.
I agreed, sadly and angrily to do it. Knowing that it was going to take time out of my night when I was the most productive.
As I started my trip to where she works I was still arguing with Daniel, over something that didn't need to be argued and I apologized this morning for it. So not only was I sad and upset about that but I was also angry because I had to do Ashley her favor.
You know with all the favors Ive done her, she is going to have to do something really big to make up for all of it.
Anyway. Not only was I on a country highway but I also had to keep my eyes open for deer that might be in the ditches plotting to make an attack on my car.
Then when I was a little less than half way there it started to rain. Not to bad at first but then it started to down pour and I could only see a few feet in front of me slowing me dramatically in my quest to make it there safely.
I finally made it. But the rain hadn't let up and I wanted to get home and be comfy again. So at my slower that a grandma driving pace, I made my way back to my comfy couch.
And during my long drive I had time to calm down and allow myself to be in a better mood when I arrived home.

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