Monday, August 9, 2010

My skin is melting!

Or so it felt like it was melting off the next day.
As some of you know I went boating with my friends; Daniel, Justin, Joy, and Emmy. It was so nice on the lake. The sun was shining and there was barely anyone on the lake, since it was a week day.
At first we were having problems with the boat. It was tipping to one side when you went to fast. Justin's dad finally called him back and we got that straightened out.
Then we went tubing. And I think I went one to many times. Every time I got flung off I think I hit the water a little harder than the time before.
We swam and snacked. After my last run on the tube I decided I was pretty much done for the day. So while the others swam I layed on the boat and tanned. The sun felt so nice on my skin.
Of course I didn't use sunscreen because I'm an idiot and I burnt to a crisp.
After we got the boat out of the water we learned that the prop or whatever wasn't going up all the way. We couldn't figure out why. So while I went and changed into dry clothes the guys stood around trying to figure it out.
A guy from the lakes marina finally helped and they figured it out together. Then it was off to eat. And I was starving.
It was a great day. And I cant wait to do it again, minus the tube.

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