Monday, August 9, 2010

Dr.Pap. Paging Dr.Pap.

*Warning to guys who may read my blog. If you don't like to read about girly gorey details I suggest you turn back now!

**If you for some reason you decided to read on don't say I didn't warn you.

So I'm back to my blog and I have missed it soo much! I know I'm behind on reading every one's blogs but hopefully Ill catch up on everything within the next couple days. If you think there is a blog that was posted that you think Id like to read please give the link and I would love to check it out.

Moving on. This afternoon is a time where I would like to have an out of body experience. I may be a woman but that doesn't mean I like to do the things we have to do. Example having a period. I hate having it. I don't even like to say the word period unless it deals with the thing on the end of a sentence. And I know you can be on the depo shot and not have a period. Well I tried that option and it made my face break out so bad!

Another example of me not liking being a woman is having to get a yearly pap smear. I bet most of you already knew what this post was about from the title. But anyway. Yes today is my annual pap test. Congrats right? I know it needs to be done to make sure I'm healthy and what not down there but I just wish there was some other way to go about it.

The only good thing I like about doing this is I found a really good doctor. She is in and out in only a few seconds. When I went to her one of the first couple times my mom went to the bathroom while I got checked in. They got me in right away and I was out in no time. My mom barely started reading her magazine in the waiting room when I came out. She thought there was something wrong.

All in all wish me luck that it goes smoothly and there's nothing wrong!

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