Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So far this week and beyond

Monday I slept most the day and then I went to work.
Tuesday I slept a good portion of the day. Then I came to Woodbine to ran some errands. Did some recycling, went to the bank, and paid my car payment. Then I went back to Dunlap to pay the rent. Then it was off to work.
*The reason Ive been so tired this week I'm blaming on mother nature. If you don't get it from just that reference Ill explain in more detail. Guys if you read this cover your eyes. I'm having my period this week *shudder* (I'm 20 and still don't like to say period when it deals with my innards instead of the end of a sentence).
Today I'm hanging out at my parents house borrowing their Internet since I don't have Internet at my house. Then I'm going to go home and shower. Tonight I plan on hanging out with Daniel at the shop (the shop is the place where they work on their race cars and drink). Just hanging out and drinking.
Tomorrow I'm going to be taking Little Man to the vet to get his nails cut. Since neither Ashley nor I will do it. Then Daniel invited me to go boating with him, Justin, and Joy (Justin's girlfriend). Well be on the lake most the day probably drinking. Then that night who knows.
Friday I will most likely be lazy most of the day. Then I will head to work. Its taco night and I'm super excited. My family said they would come for some tacos.
Saturday I will either be going to the races or going to hang out with my friends in CB. Since we still haven't celebrated Jenny's b-day ( well she might of already but I haven't celebrated with her, I know I'm slacking on my duties as a friend).
There you have it my week summed up in one blog. Weird?


  1. I won't clip nails either. I've heard you can go too far and hurt the animal if you do. Scary.

  2. drinking, race cars, and a lake....sounds perfect to me.