Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sunday Funday

So this past Sunday I was at my parents for our monthly family day. See since most of my siblings and I have moved out of my parents house, my parents started doing a family get together the first Sunday of every month. Unless some big event is going on then we post pone it til the next Sunday. Without doing this we would hardly see each other. Its really nice to be able to see my family other times besides holidays, graduations, funerals, ect.

So each person is suppose to bring something being the lazy person I was I didn't really think about it til a couple days before so I had nothing to bring this month. But my mom had some lemon bars that I could make as my contribution to the get together. Not homemade of course. Kind of sad because Ive really gotten into making things not from boxes, in other from scratch. But they turned out decent anyway.

For this family get together my "half" brother came up with his new baby and woman. I say "half" because I'm not related to him. He just lived with my family for a couple years and I consider him family. And I say his woman because their not married, although I do think their dating.

Anyway so most of the day I was being distracted by baby Deakin (not sure if that's the right spelling but its pretty close to it). And my sister called me a baby hog. Well if she would have one of her own with Andrew we I wouldn't be such a baby hog when a baby comes to visit.

Sorry moving on. So we ate and talked about whats been going on in our lives. I guess I have now told my family about Daniel, not that it was a big secret anyway. Ashley was looking over my shoulder as I was texting him.

Then the fun really began with dessert. We were out on the deck, passing baby Deakin around, and starting a fire in the fire pit. For dessert we had my lemon bars, left over brownies and we made Smores. Yum Yum Yummy!

My mom had apparently been going through some of her old stuff and came upon some fire works she took from my brother as a punishment some years ago. She brought those out and all the boys were having a blast lighting those off. They were pretty old and I didn't even know if they would work. But the boys were determined. And they did.

So quick recap......
Baby, Smores, Fireworks.
*None of the pictures below were taken at the party. All were found on Yahoo.


  1. I like the family day- Great idea now that my daughter will be moving out and going to college.

  2. Hey! Don't hate. I will have a baby soon enough (soon = 5+ year). One thing at a time Lin!

    ps. You should really keep your sister posted on stuff by saying stuff like "Did you know I have a blog?"

  3. O hey Ashy by the way I have a blog. Havnt really said anything because I wanted to see who it went first. But now you know