Monday, August 30, 2010

The end of my weekend

So yesterday my friend wanted to go out to our local lake. Which to normal people isn't really a lake just like a really big pond.

Anyway I said yes even though I wasn't exactly feeling the greatest but I figured I might was well get out and soak up some sun while I can.

I took some Tylenol, put on my swimsuit, and headed for the beach.

We got there and there were only a few people there which is always good. (More room for us)

We had brought my friend, Brenna's, cousins and little sister. And we invited a few friends out.

After tanning for a little bit then going into the water for a little swim. We went over to the dock, where people fish, to watch Brenna's cousins to make sure no one drowned or something.

I sat down and was soaking my feet and getting the sand off. I stood up and watch them push each other in. I made the comment I didn't want to be pushed in. So we stood there and talked. I had my back turned and Brenna felt the need to run up behind me and push me in.

I had my hand on a pole that holds the dock in place. And as I had stated earlier that I didn't want to be pushed in, I held onto the pole for dear life.

I was already close to the shallow end even when I was standing on the dock.

Needless to say I ended up landing on some rocks. (Owww)

So as soon as I get out of the water I realize my knee hurts a little bit, I look down to a trail of blood running down my leg. (O great, now I don't feel good because apparently I developed a thing where I don't like blood.)

So I walk to the car with my vision not at its fullest because Ive become light headed. And I call my father because he's an EMT and I trust his judgement.

He thinks I should at least go to the ER so I can get a tetanus shot since I don't remember the last time I had one. And since you never know whats in that water I really wanted one.

I have Shane, my sisters boyfriend, come to the lake to bring me some gauze and take me to the ER.

I get to the ER and meet up with my mom and dad. We go in and I get to go get some stitches in my knee. First time for stitches for me. But the doc was nice enough to numb me up twice. I couldn't feel anything. And he kept saying he was sorry if he hurt me.

So he prescribed me some antibiotics but no pain killers. And I wish he would have after the numbing stuff wore off.

Only a couple days on antibiotics and 12 days with the stitches in and I should be back to normal.

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