Monday, August 23, 2010

Breaking Dawn

BREAKING DAWN, the hotly anticipated fourth and final book in the bestselling crossover teen vampire series Twilight, wraps up some very important questions in the gripping and wildly romantic story of Bella Swan. Split into three sections, one of which is narrated by werewolf Jacob Black, the story opens with Bella driving along, thinking about her impending wedding to Edward. Although it seems that she's about to get exactly what she wants, Bella has no idea what lays in store for her: a near-death transformation, an all-out vampire war, and many painfully divided loyalties.

Well I finally finished the Twilight saga. I think the beginning was rushed. And I'm not really sure I liked the ending I cant really say to much because I don't want to ruin anything. But the middle of the book I thought was pretty good.

I have decided that I like reading the book before watching the movie, otherwise I know whats going to happen in the book.

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