Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thats not my real name.

Trough out the years I have picked up a few nicknames along the way.
1.) Lin / Linz. We used these because there were more than one Lindsey in my class and after awhile I got tired of trying to figure out which one they were talking to.

2.) Debbie Downer. Since I was more of the responsible one in my group of friends and I wasn't as happy as them they gave me this nickname to describe me.

3.) Ms. Bartender Lady. My sister, her boyfriend and his friend came to the bar a few nights after I had started working there. Of course they had already had a little to drink before they got there. I don't know how this popped into my sisters head but to get my attention she would call me that and it has stuck even for when I'm not working at the bar.

4.) Dolley. One of my regulars couldn't remember my name after working there a couple of days. He decided to guess and he guessed wrong. Instead of calling my Lindsey he called me Dolley and now as kind of a joke the boys at the bar call me that to get my attention.

And finally one of the last ones.

5.) Pooh Pooh. No it doesn't have anything to do with what comes out of you when you go to the bathroom. I love Winnie the Pooh. I watched him all the time when I was a kid and collected stuffed animals of him and the gang. (I kind of still do here and there) But at some point in time my mother decided to start calling me that. And I still get called it to this day. But it reminds me of my childhood so I don't mind as much.

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