Monday, August 16, 2010

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

On Saturday I went with my roommate to the Nebraska Humane Society. We were in search of a puppy/dog for me. Ashley and Mikey have decided that for my Christmas present they were going to buy me a puppy.

So we went to see if I could adopt one that day. We arrived in high spirits, hopeful that one of the cute dogs would soon be one to call my own.

There were already alot of people there wanting to adopt their own animals.

We filled out the form and got our buzzer to let us know when it would finally be our turn.

We looked through the cats and at the critter corner to see if maybe Ashley would find another pet to own.

When we first got there the woman at the desk told us it would only be about an hour wait. An hour went by not to fast but not to slow either. But by this time we were both getting a little irritated from waiting.

So since we were waiting for someone to assist me in finding the right dog for me, Ashley decided she wanted to get a ferret. We put in her form to look at one and she got her buzzer as well. The wait for an animal continued.

There wasn't much call for people to look at ferrets so Ashley was able to get in and hold the ferret she thought she wanted. It only took a matter of minutes before Ashley decided she wanted him. So she was off to adopt him. Right after we get to the counter to put the final touches on officially adopting him my buzzer decided it was time for me to choose my dog.

My person (I don't remember her name) was extremely up beat and almost made me want to throw up from her happiness. But we went back to the kennels with the dog and started looking for a smaller dog that would fit comfortably into our home. Ashley and I should of went back there and looked at the dogs before we waited all that time because when I went back there with my helper I only found bigger dogs. (We would of gone back their earlier but the lady at the front desk told us that we had to wait for someone to go back there with us to look at the dogs. Needless to say that was a total lie!)

So Ashley walked away with a new ferret that she has now named Captain. And I walked away empty handed for the second time in getting a dog.

You may be wondering about the first time. I hadn't blogged anything about getting a dog earlier because I didn't want to jinx it but it didn't really matter. A couple of weeks ago I was suppose to be getting a dog from Ashley's Aunt because she no longer wanted so many dogs (she had 4). It was getting close to the day for us to go pick him up and I was starting to get excited I even got him a little toy. But not to long before I was suppose to get him Ashley called me up at work and told me her cousin had thrown a fit and now I was not going to be getting the dog.

I guess Ill just have to keep looking.

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