Monday, August 30, 2010

Im on a boat... Or maybe just crashing into one.

Ok first I just want to say that I really don't like the song, I'm On A Boat. But it seemed to go with this blog post.

I know its been a couple days since Ive blogged about anything but Ive been busy, and I would like to once again apologize for that.

Well what has happened since the last time I blogged.....

Some day last week Ashley, my roommate, showed me a picture of what my friend decided to do to her car.

I'm going to give you some detail and you can make your own decision.

She wasn't texting (so she say), it was in the afternoon so it wasn't dark in any way shape or form, and she was completely sober because she was on her way home from school.

Now apparently she decided it would be a good idea to crash her car into a non-moving boat that was not hooked to a car and was parked in the owners driveway.

Now you tell me if that doesn't sound a little odd to you?

Not to mention the only time that she has a probably driving is when she is texting because she has her phone in her lap and doesn't look up every once in awhile to make sure shes still in her lane.

The reason why I'm being a little mean is because hasn't really told anyone what really happened.

And don't start freaking out when you see the picture because all she did was sprain her wrist. And the boat is ok!

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