Friday, September 3, 2010

2 out of 5

Its only been 6 days since I got my stitches and yesterday didn't go so well for my knee.
Yesterday I was pretty much yelled at by my roommate and her mom that I needed to go to the doctor because how my knee looked and what it was doing, apparently wasn't normal.
I made an appointment with the other doctor that works at the clinic because my doctor wasn't there. (Not good, I really don't like that doctor) But since I needed to get my knee looked at I made the appointment.
I went in early hoping to get in early and get it over with. No such luck.
When I did get in, we did all the fun stuff before you go in the room. Like weigh me. Same as always. (That's good, I think)
Got back to the room and went through all the questions with the nurse. And then waited, and waited, and waited for the doctor to come in after the nurse left.
I almost fell asleep.
Then he finally came in (right now I'm making a sour face because I really don't like him). He looked at my knee and pressed pretty hard to get the pus to come out. (You only needed to press a little and the pus would come out, not pound on my knee like your trying to get its heart started) (ok maybe I exaggerated on that last part, but that's what it felt like)
So after only briefly looking at it he decides right there that some of the stitches needed to come out right there.
He went over to the counter opened a drawer and pulled out a packet that contained medical scissors and some tweezer like things.
He opened the pack and without very much warning cut two stitched out of my knee. (The first one came out pretty well the second, not so much)
The next thing I know is hes taking the tweezer looking things and digging around in my wound to get some of the infection out. (OWWWW)
I guess the reason that I got the infection in the first place is because the antibiotics I was given weren't very good ones.
So now I'm on antibiotics again but not just one, nope I'm lucky and get to take two different antibiotics for the next seven days. (Yay me! Not)
I hope everyone elses week is going better than mine. Happy Friday!

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