Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Crazies

Yesterday my roommate Ashley and I received the movie The Crazies from our netflix (gotta love netflix).

So last night I decided to watch it, that way we could mail it back and get a new movie faster.

What happened in the movie was not what I expected to happen.

Sure some parts were good. But some parts just didn't live up to my standard.

Granted I don't really like scary movies and I make fun of them ALOT!!

Don't get me wrong I was super happy to hear that the movie was filmed in Iowa (my home state) which is super big. But what I saw in the previews for the movie made me think it was going to be better than it was.

O well.

You can watch it and decide for your self what you think of it. I'm kind of stuck in the middle of how I feel about this one.

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