Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just another Tuesday.

Of course today is Tuesday. Its just common knowledge.
So far not much to report in the exciting department. But then again there never usually is.
I went to class, with my most favorite teacher in the world (sarcasm), and retook the midterm. At least he was nice enough to let us do that if we wanted to. And I really wanted to since I didn't do every well at all on the first midterm. And even though he did lecture about papers and homework and whatever someone asked a question about I stayed patient.
I only hope that I did good on the test I really need to bring my grade up.
Then I met up with my mom. It was kind of nice getting a random phone call even if she did only want something out of her car. But she bought me lunch so it made up for it. We went to Pizza Hut. Yum. Gotta love pizza.
Then it was on to my parents house where I currently sit using their internet since I am without at my home.
After words Ill be raiding the fridge and cabinets for food and then its home to try and finish the second book of twilight. (No worries Ill leave a review when done with it)
Then it'll be on to work to hang out with my old guys. I love them. Even though their always hitting on me its nice to sit and listen to them talk about anything and everything. Not to mention I'm getting paid today since I took this weekend off. (News of that later)
But I hope everyone has had a spectacular day them selves.


  1. Hope the test went well.

    I am combining my blogs and would love it if you followed http://bellagetsreal.blogspot.com/
    I wont be updating my incessant dieter as often.

  2. Hope you did well on your exam. I watched The Crazies after reading your review, and you're right, not what I expected, but pretty good.