Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family Reunion!

As you can tell from the title this past weekend I was at a family reunion.

I knew most the relatives but there were a few I didn't know. My aunt Jill, uncle Jim, and cousins Daniel, Jake, and Carsen (I'm not sure if that's how you spell his name).

Anyway the first day was a short one. We drove all across Nebraska, which took all day. When we arrived and checked into our motel we drove out to Jill's. There we had lots and lots of food.

The next day was such a busy/ relaxing day. It was spent partly on the lake and partly at my cousin, Renee's, camp site.

*Top left: My sister, Ashley, hanging out on the boat. Top right: My dad, Mike, resting his eyes. Bottom left: Uncle Merv driving the slow boat. Bottom right: Lisa relaxing at the camp site.

My uncle, Merv, had rented a boat for the day. We rode around on that for most of the time. Then my cousin Daniel showed up with his family's speed boat and away we went. He brought along his tub thing. And I hung on for dear life with Renee next to me.

*Nay Nay playing yard games at Jill's. Jill, Diane, and mom, Linda. My sister, Mikey, and her boyfriend, Shane.

After the boating, the lake, and the sun we were back at our motel for a quick shower. Then it was back out to Jill's house for another cook out.

The last day of the trip was spent looking at my family's history. We looked at my great great grandparents house and also my great grandparents house. The it was onto the cemetery to see some family grave sites.

*Inside my great great grandparents house. A water pump outside my great great grandparents house.

*A group picture with all the family. The outside of my great great grandprents house. And a tractor sitting near the house with a tree growing out of it.

I was so exhausted and sore that I was a little happy to be on my way home. But it was nice to get away from my small town and to visit some relatives.

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