Monday, July 12, 2010

Venture off course

Sadly my weekend did not go as planned in pretty much any way.
I can not do a movie review on the movie Grown Ups because I was unable to see it. Daniel had gotten sick so no date night.
Saturday rolled around and went to Des Monies. The wedding reception was ok and kind of boring. There was free beer but we only drank one. Then we went back to Ashley's dads house. Boo! I think I can say the only good thing about that night was when we got home I got to watch the first episode of True Blood of the new season because her dad has cable and records the show. But PLEASE don't tell me what happens in the rest of the episodes of True Blood because I don't want it to be spoiled for me.
Sunday came and we were pretty lazy. Ashley and I went shopping. But the mall we went to really sucked. There weren't any really good store and I only bought one thing. I should be happy I know because I didn't spend that much money but I like to shop and buy new things. Then we went back to Ashley's dads house and she took a nap. And we didn't start heading home until like 10. O what a late night that was.
Well I know nothing every really goes according to plan but I just wanted to have a little fun this weekend. O well there's always next weekend.

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  1. Sorry you didn't have your date! At least you didn't sit at home doing nothing!!