Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dancing Behind the Bar

New Experience #6
For those of you keeping track this is my sixth new experience lately.
On Friday as some of you may know we held a street dance in the town where I live. And of course my boss needed the help considering how busy it was.
At first it was slow but as the night went on and the band began to play people were practically on top of each other in the bar.
People were always thirsty and were always asking for drinks.
I was so super grateful I had Sue there to help me, without her I would of probably died or at the very least broke down and started crying from all the people wanting something.
The night just actually flew by. And I was actually happy when the night got over. Is that crazy?
Anyway I made pretty good tips. More than usual which was super great.
P.S. I want to thank my newest reader for starting to follow my blog.

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  1. How fun, a street dance! I could see where it would get crowded fast. It seems so fun and spontaneous to join!