Thursday, July 1, 2010

The upcoming Weekend.

I know its the fourth of July weekend and all but mine has seemed to pile up with things to do.
Now is that a bad thing we will see.

Tomorrow night I have to work at the bar. Now were not having tacos but there is going to be a street dance down the street my bar is on. Yes I'll probably make good tips but I'm going to be running around. But my boss is super nice about it all because he knows I'm a little nervous about it. He says we can only do what we can. But I hope everything goes well and I don't get to worn down.

Saturday is a little busier. My Aunt and Uncle are having a fourth of July get together at their house in the afternoon. I want to go because I do like being around my family. Then my friends are trying to get a group together to see the new Twilight movie. Now I know its already come out so please don't say anything because I haven't gotten that far in the book series and I just don't want to know. After the movie I want to go to the party that Daniel invited me to at his brothers house. I just want to be around him and maybe get to a more serious relationship with him than where were at but I don't want to push because I know what his ex did to him. But then again we've both been hurt in the past.

So on to Sunday. My brother and sister-in-law invited me via Facebook to a party at their house. I love spending time with my brother and I'm trying to get to know and become closer to my sister-in-law because it was hard at first. I wasn't sure I liked her. She hurt my brother a couple times before they finally worked things out and got married. I also felt she was kind of taking him away form me because my brother and I are pretty close and I didn't want that to change. But I've gotten past my insecurities with her and am hoping to make it to their party.
So all in all I hope I'm not to wore out my the end of the weekend.

I also want to wish everyone a Happy Early Independence Day!

With love

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