Thursday, July 15, 2010

He should win teacher of the year.

The title of this blog is farther from the truth.
Went into class and turned in my paper that was due. Nothing seemed unusual or different about today.
As I waited for Mr. Dick (not actually his name but I think it fits him, real name: Mr. Dickey) to start the class I did my daily puzzles out of the newspaper.
Then the rest of the class slowly started to walk in alot of them late. And most not having their assignment completely done.
When he felt there were enough students in the room he started the lecture.
This was no ordinary lecture this was him telling us his disappointment of our grades and how he feels were not doing.
When he was half way through the lecture I wanted to stand up and scream your not my parent, your not paying for the class, so please don't lecture me on whether you think I working hard enough in your class or not.
But I didn't. I kept my mouth shut and only spoke when asked a question, which was only once.
He said that non of us were getting the material and he pretty much told us we should just drop out of his class. Well I have been contemplating doing that but I don't like to quite things and my parents would still have to pay for the class if I dropped.
The nice thing he did say was that he would let us take the test again but he also said that even if we got an A- on the first test he would be mad if we didn't take the test again. But he also said the test would be harder. Seriously?
Sadly I did not get an A- or even a C. I got a 52 on my test and am sitting at a D in the class. Not good.
This has probably gotten me to think that I should maybe work a little harder to get a better grade. And it wasn't his lecture that convinced me.

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