Thursday, July 1, 2010

Last Weekend

So last Friday I had to work as some of you may remember.

It was taco night and I was super busy. The tacos of course were amazing in all there fat fried glory.

But the night slowed and I was able to relax for a short amount of time.

Saturday night was the day we started moving to the new house. We got most of the big stuff in the morning then got most of the smaller stuff in the evening with the help of my roommate, Ashley, My sister, Mikey, Mikey's boyfriend, Shane, and some extra help from Robbie and BP.

As the night went on I was talking to my friend, Daniel. During this conversation we agreed to start somewhat seeing each other. Now what that all entitles me to I'm not exactly sure yet. But I'm glad were moving in the right direction.

Sunday was another moving and unpacking day. Only without the extra help. It was only Ashley and me. But by the time we were done moving that night we only had two rooms left in the house. Go Us!

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