Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So my roommate has been bugging me to read the Twilight series. And she said I couldn't start another book until I read the series.

So I started the books because maybe I was curious to see what the frenzy is all about with these books.

I'm not really even into the movies even though they are kinda good especially for the half naked guys.

But anyway. I found the first book a fast read or maybe I'm just trying to get through the book.

It wasn't to bad but nothing to scream about. So then I watched the movie to compare the differences.

This is where Ive come to hate my roommate for it.

Every time there was a difference between the book and the movie I couldn't help but to say out loud "nope that's wrong". I literally was sitting in my living room and saying that to myself every time the movie changed from the book.

And I do hate when people who have read a book and go see the movie that they'll turn to me or whoever and say "that wasn't in the book". It annoys me.

O no I've become a hypocrite!


  1. So is it worth reading the series if you do not plan to watch the movies?

  2. Ya I think so but this is just my opinion.