Monday, May 31, 2010

Women In Trouble!

Wow so I just watched this weird, crazy, hilarious movie. Since I have nothing better to do on a late Sunday night, I went to my Netflix account on my computer and picked this movie out, since I had never seen it.

Women in Trouble

It seemed like a lower budget film, with some frames out of focus, but a really good story line. There are some bigger names in the film.

Its about several women, most but not all of them connected to each other in some way or another.

Combining a cast of characters from a porn star to a shrink.

In some places of the movie it leaves you hanging a little bit but keeps you highly entertained.

In my opinion the hospital scene is one of the best.

The porn star is watching the daughter of her new friend, both of them smoking some cigarettes (don't judge that last sentence until you watch the movie). I don't want to ruin anything, not that you ll understand this conversation without watching the movie but here goes because this just kept me laughing.

"Why do they call them adult movies if there so juvenile? Its a euphemism. Whats a euphemism? A polite way of saying something that drags all the fun outta saying it. Like saying a plastic vagina is a novelty item."

Another conversation that just kept me laughing went something like this.

"Can I change my middle name? You don't have a middle name. I know but I wanna change my name to Charlotte D Hunter. Whats the D stand for? Danger. Danger is your middle name? Dangers my middle name!"

Trust me on this if your going to trust me on anything. If you think you have a sense of humor like I do then like this movie. Try and watch this movie, it'll be good for your insides.

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