Thursday, May 27, 2010

Theres a Monkey in my Closet

Ok so the monkeys not in my closet but he is on my bed.
A monkey I've dubbed Bob. And he rules the right side of my bed.
I don't really find it that crazy that I still have a stuffed animal on my bed and that I occasionally cuddle with. Is it crazy? Is it to childish? Maybe to some people but this monkey means so much to me.

Come on now, I know some people still have childhood toys that they don't really want to part with. Whether they are in some box in the back of the closet or sitting on a shelf in your living room. And is it really that bad to have a toy of some kind that you still have after all these years?

I think not and since I am a BIG kid I still have several of my childhood toys but there mainly at my parents house.

Now Bob is not just some random toy, he has memories and sentimental value of a relative that has died just only a year ago.

Given to me several years ago by my Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Marv at one of our many family Christmas get together. For most of the time Bob was in the back seat of my car. However, I recently bought a newish car and have decided Bob needed a better home than the car. So now he sits on my bed day and night. And he occasionally comes out into the living room for a visit. Or when my friends have their kids over and they take a nap in my bed he becomes their cuddle buddy.

I will probably never get rid of my Bob since I will never get to see my Uncle Marv ever again. Every time I look at my monkey I know that my Uncle is in a better place watching over me and my family.


  1. I think everyone has a stuffed animal they don't want to part with........ not many however admit it publicly on a blog for the world to see. I respect that.


  2. Thank you. I dont see why I would need to hide it. If people want to judge me for it thats their problem.