Thursday, May 27, 2010

Are you there God?

So on the last day of my most recent class we ended on the subject of religion.

The main question was in the words of my teacher 'Can someone please explain to me why in the heck are they speaking in tongues?'

After hearing comments and questions from my fellow classmates I started to think more and more about it.

I often hear that the best answer from God is no answer. Well who in the heck is He talking to? And apparently I'm getting all the best answers from Him because I haven't heard a single word from Him in all my 20 years.

Now I'm not going to lie, I have questioned my faith and whether or not God does exist. But can you blame me? With all the ups and downs and problems in my life and everything that goes on in the world. You'd think God would just flood the earth again and start from scratch.

Maybe I need to the read the bible and go to church more often. Maybe I need to go on a journey to connect with God. Maybe I'm just completely out of touch with God.

I will admit im not the most perfect person when it comes to following in Gods ways or stuff like that. And maybe He will forgive me for my sins and allow me through the pearly gates.

In the end myself or anyone else will know the truth until its the time for them to know. And if you dont know what Im talking about then you must not be completly there. Im talking about DEATH.


  1. I think if God could talk to people he'd tell them to stop worrying about Him so much and just go on leading good lives.