Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now Hiring

With such a short start to life you'd think I'd go for a regular job. As my life moves forward my job experience becomes more interesting as the story's told.

1) My first job was a simple one. I worked at my parents Hallmark store in out small town. It was an easy enough job; go in after school, sit behind the counter, and ring up customers.
Working for my parents was always a plus. It was never very busy so I would always be able to get my homework done and have time left over to try and entertain myself. Not to mention there was a candy counter that I had full access to.

2) As I got older I needed a better paying job. Thus I found myself as a dishwasher for the local nursing home. Not the greatest job in the world but I got a regular paycheck.
I cleaned dishes, stocked the kitchen supplies, handed out food, picked up dishes, did more dishes, cleaned my work station, and then finally took out the trash.
Needless to say this job mainly worked for me because it was only a couple days a week for only a couple hours a day.

3) After graduating high school with uncertainty as to the career I wanted to go into I decided working that summer would be a better idea. And I would not be able to do this working only a few hours a week. And so I found myself at the office of a road construction company a half hour away from where I lived.
I got a pay increase from my job before and more hours.
This was all new and exciting to me. Working in the sun, in different towns, and feeling like I was actual doing something a little better with my time. I worked all summer got a tan and during winter months was able to start taking classes.
However, after getting up before the sun was up and getting home many times after the sun had gone down I was starting to grow tired of it. Leading into my current job.

4) After a long debate in my head I finally decided I wasn't going to go back to my job at the road construction company. To long of hours really takes a toll on the body and I kind of got use to being lazy. I also wanted to be able to finish up my general classes and transfer to a four year university without having to wait til next winter to do it.
After searching for a job that would be suitable to my tastes and that I would be able to keep taking classes my roommate suggest the local bar.
Ive never bar tended before nor did I think I would be able to since I was still only 19 at the time. But she assured me that he was in desperate need of bartenders. I walked in the next day after class and waited for the phone call later that day. Within an hour he called asking me when I could start.
I was grinning from ear to ear. Since my first day on the job Ive learned a good amount and am still learning while beginning entertained by my regulars.

After this long journey within only a few short years of starting in the job world I have learned more than the average person of my age and have shaped myself into a better person for it. I'm anxious for whatever jobs are waiting for me in the future.

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