Saturday, May 29, 2010

Drinks are on me!

Not really. Sorry for getting you hopes up.

If you haven't read my earlier blogs I work at a bar at the tender age of 20.

It was taco night. They were amazing. Homemade taco shells deep fat fried. Wow I love food way to much.

Note that the food in the picture is not the taco from the bar but picture courtesy of Yahoo and the closest picture I could get that looked like the actual thing.

So anyways. Since I only started about a month ago and have never bar tended before I am still learning stuff. And its kind of interesting to learn some of the things I do.

So the night started off pretty good. Then a little later into the night in strolls a guys I'm strongly disliking at the moment and his whore looking girlfriend. Sorry about the whore comment but that's the was she dressed. She was wearing a short skirt and a low cut top not to mention she has giant boobs.

So why do I strongly dislike this person. We have a history 'nough said. But Ill shorten the story just for you. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy. Things didn't work out because the boy was to dumb to realize what he had. Boy gets a new girlfriend, then when said girlfriend is out of town boy invites first girl over to drink and lies to her.

I think I did pretty good summing it up for you.

So back to the bar. Now can I really hate on this person, not really when hes drinking in the bar. He provides most my tips. I love drunk people!


  1. What's the legal age for drinking there? I could never work at a you manage to drink for free?

  2. Drinking age is 21. And nope since Im only 20.