Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In my dream I was a kid.

Anyone ever miss being a kid?
I cant help but remember what it was like being so small and fragile. I miss not caring about money or whether or not I was cute enough.

Most kids dont have any cares in the world. The biggest thing I cared about was if I woke up in time to watch saturday cartoons or not.

Its just been striking me as odd that kids are just trying to grow up way to fast. And it probably doesnt help when their parents are trying to get them to grow up and get out of the house.

I just go shopping and look in the store windows and think to myself 'When I was that age I would of never even considered wearing that'. Then again I was never a stylish one.

Heck I never even thought Id make it this far in life let alone do some of the things I did.

I was scared to grow up. Scared of living on my own, paying bills, and going to a job everyday. I just wanted to be able to sleep til when ever, and only do the things I wanted when ever I wanted.

But we all have to grow up. I am however, still secretly a kid. I eat lucky charms, still to this day most of the time sleep til I want to, and I like to watch cartoons. I hope Im always in some way, shape, or form a kid.

Dont you?

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