Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday Wishes From The Rock Show

I recently turned 20. I feel like I skipped being 19 and just jumped to 20. Maybe I just slept through the 19Th year of my life, I am pretty lazy. Anyhow, this birthday was probably one of the best bdays I've ever had. I'm serious, usually my birthday is forgotten since its at the beginning of the summer.

I'm extremely happy I stay up pretty late otherwise I might of been pissed at the two phone calls. The first from my big sister, Mikey, who works nights and was able to call me at 11:58. The second call from my roommate, Ashley, who also works nights and wanted to give my sister a chance to call first, so her call came in a few minutes later at 12:02.

In the morning nothing seemed out of the ordinary and it wasn't. I hoped in the shower but the surprising started right as I turned off the shower and pulled back the curtain. Apparently Mikey and Ashley decided it would be nice to start my birthday off by giving me a heart attack. They threw open the bathroom door and proceed to throw 50 one dollar bills at me as I stood there naked. This was all done so that I may feel like a stripper since I decided that I didn't want to go to the strip club the next night for my bday. Then they slammed the door and let my heart recover.
A few hours later I opened the front door to my friend Robbie and Mikey's boyfriend, Shane. The three of us were off to Rockfest. An outdoors concert held by a local radio station showing a number of bands. For my birthday Robbie got me a ticket. I got to hear Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Papa Roach, Hailstorm, and so many more. That was just a once in a life time experience. That concert just completed my day, since I couldn't do anything else that day because the concert ran from two to eleven.
The presents didn't stop there. When I got home there was a present from Mikey by my bed. I went to the couch, since my room is small, and ripped that sucker open. It was two cupcake cook books that Ive been wanting for so long, Hello Cupcake and Whats New Cupcake. If I get my lazy butt out of bed I will be attempting one of the recipes tomorrow.
One more present came a couple days later when I got in my car. Hanging from the rear view mirror was an air freshener. You may be thinking I really am crazy but it was just any air freshener it had a picture of a naked lady on it. I was in heaven. Now you guys are thinking this chick really is crazy but there is a story behind the naked lady air freshener.
For the past two summer I had been working road construction as a flagger. For those of you who don't know what that is I held the stop/slow sign, drove the pilot truck, and did odd jobs around the headquarters. So during the first year on the job I stumbled upon a naked lady air freshener in the center compartment of one of the pilot trucks and right then decided to hang it up on the mirror. The next summer she was missing. At first I suspected the company perverted porn addict. However, it wasn't him. It was the head bosses of the company.

Apparently they didn't know one of the girls that worked for the company hung it up and they removed it for fear it might cause a sexual harassment lawsuit. Crazy right? Moving on, Ashley and I have then spent the last year looking for a new naked lady.
So theres the beginning of my blog and a small part of my life. Thanks for reading, whoever might be out there.

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