Thursday, May 27, 2010

I took off my bra and now I have a tan line.

Ok everyone whos reading this get your minds out of the gutter!

Im talking about my car you perverts.

What is know as a bra for your car is attached to the front of your car. I think its to catch the bugs from doing something or other. I dont really know because it came with the car.

Anyway. Ashley has been bugging me to take off my bra because she says that itll make that part of my car rust. And yes I think shes right but Im just to lazy to get my butt up and actually do it.

Now the other day I was having my friends, Daniel and Brent, change my oil. After they were done Daniel decided he needed to gang up on me with Ashley and tell me I should take it off. So while the guys were busy talking about cars with someone that stopped by I took off the top part of my bra since I was standing right there.

After the other person left and we were back to standing around talking Daniel looked at my car and asked me where the top part went. I told him I took it off, since he obviously didnt see me do it. Then he decided to tell me my car had a tan line. Thats what there actually called he said.

Well la-de-da I thought. All I cared about was that now my car was dirty and needed a bath.