Friday, September 24, 2010

The new man in my life.

You probably thought I was talking about an actual person (I wish). No I'm talking about the next best thing. A new puppy.
He is a Dorky and has been named Pumba. I got him for free from a friend.

When I got him however, he was covered in fleas (so gross). You would barely touched his head and 20 just scattered (yuck).

So after a few baths, most of them were gone and today I bought some flea stuff for him.

He is so tiny and so cute.

The first night I had him he didn't do so well with being stuck in the bathroom and since it was his first night alone. (lots of whining) But last night he did way better. It probably helped that I played with him for a while before bed so that he would sleep.

Were working on become house broke. So far going well (knock on wood). I hope he's a fast leaner.

Wish me luck.

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