Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Weekend

Beyond busy weekend for me...

Friday: I worked as usual. It was the last taco night with the old boss. (Kind of sad, hope new boss still does taco night) After work went and hung out with some friends and had a beer or two (don't judge).

Saturday: Got up and went to the Husker game! Went with Ashley, Mikey, and Shane. Ashley isn't really fan of really any team. But she needed to experience a Husker game, and not just on TV. She bought some Husker gear. And she was getting into the game (it just kind of rubs off on you when you see a game live in person). After the game I was really tired and there was nothing to do since it was so late so once we got home I crashed.

Sunday: As you know it was the first Sunday of the month so that meant family day. Sadly not all the family was there. Ashy was at a wedding, I think. Chris was helping out a friend but showed up later to fix moms brakes. However my roommate, Ashley, came because we were suppose to discuss our family trip in May (that didn't go so well). Before we ate, since dinner wasn't ready, Ashley and I went to look at puppies for me. I picked one out because they are so cute and free. The bad part is that I wont get him for two more weeks (I guess that gives me time to pick a name). I'm not really sure what kind of dog he is. A doxen and something mix. (Ill have to find out and let you know)

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